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Buying Guide: Unique and Special Jewish Gifts From Israel

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Dating back to 336 CE, gifts from Israel have been reassuring and establishing bonds between people. What better gifts could outclass pieces of jewelry, utensils, and decor for the home?

The understanding of this need has been an ageless fundamental of Israeli craftsmanship. Jewish gifts from Israel have maintained a delicate prehistoric yet contemporary blend. The mere presence of these items threatens to enchant the attention of everyone within proximity. 

The Israeli center of Judaica recognizes this uniqueness and brings gifts from Israeli online stores to you no matter your part of the world.

Below is a carefully picked list of Judaica gifts from Israel ideas that you can get.

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Sterling Silver Candleholders with Filigree Embellishments – 925


925 Sterling Silver Candlesticks with Filigree Decorations

Weighing in at 190 grams with a height of 12.5cm and width of 5cm, the Sterling Silver Candlesticks with filigree Decorations is a sizable gift that people will surely appreciate at first sight. It is one of the best gifts from Israel and a perfect Jewish gift from Israel that fits almost all occasions.

Although more conventionally for the Shabbat, the 925 Sterling Silver Candlesticks with filigree decoration add to the entire internal decor of the home. Presented as a gift, the Silver Candlesticks will leave a lasting impression.

Price tag; $584 – $1,116

14K Beautiful Star of David Chai Necklace


14K Beautiful Star of David Chai Necklace

The 14k beautiful star of David chai necklace is crafted with three unique features, the necklace sports the Star of David, bringing out the rich history of the second king of Israel. The Chai design gives it an Indian touch, and the 14k Gold gives the necklace an extra bit of elegance.

As one of the best gifts from Israel, the necklace will surely attract a thank you from whoever it is bestowed upon.

Price tag: $1,247$-1,508


Hammered Kiddush Set made of 925 Sterling Silver.


Hammered modern Petite Kiddush Cup

A sight to marvel at is the Silver Hammered Kiddush Set which contains a tray, one primary Cup, and 6 liqueurs. With the tray weighing 278g and having a width of 22cm, it can comfortably hold an 82g main cup and several 36g liqueurs.

The Kiddush Set ticks the box as a beautiful wedding gift for newlyweds. The set is an elegant serving utensil for guests that will leave the table looking beautiful.

Away from being a wedding gift, it could also fit as a Shabbat gift for the Jewish Holiday. These gifts from Israel with love are great for your loved one.

Price tag; $3,151 now $2,521

Holiday set with a honey dish, spoon, and wine set


Silver Set With Honey Dish, Spoon, Wine Set

Handmade by the talented Avi Nadav, the Holiday set honey dish, honey spoon, and a wine cup alongside its plate. The set is made of 925 sterling silver, designed to fit the contemporary design.

Like the 925 hammered kiddushes, the collections are a perfect gift for Shabbat, the Jewish Holiday. It also makes a fine Mother’s Day gift to put a smile on the face of that remarkable woman that gave so much to you. These unique gifts from Israel will surely make her smile!

Price tag;  ± $2,440

Kiddush Plate with Filigree Design, Made of 925 Sterling Silver


Filigree Decorated Traditional Silver Kiddush Plate

The 925 Sterling Silver Plate For Kiddush is an eye-catching flat plate that draws attention while visitors are served a meal.   Weighing in at 180g, it’s a lightweight plate with a rugged body to hold considerable weight. It has a width of 15.8 cm and a height of 0.7cm.

The Kiddush Plate with Filigree Design is made with Yemenite Filigree, lining the entire outer boundaries of the 925 Sterling Silver Plate. This lining allows for a firm grip when handling. This piece is, without a doubt, an elegant gift. Buy gifts from the Israel Judaica store to keep your guests on their toes!

Price tag; $1,581 now $1,265

Honey Dish for Rosh Hashanah Tableware gift Stunning Silver.


A handmade piece by Sharon Apelboim that comes in small and large sizes is a tableware that adds more finesse. Owing to its self-declaratory frame, the Stunning Silver Honey Dish for Rosh Hashanah makes an excellent gift for a Jewish table set up. It, therefore, makes a fantastic Jewish gift. It speaks originality and is unique.

The honey dish, though made of Silver, has a glass bowl in the middle. It is a beautiful gift for virtually every occasion as it’s a family utensil.

Price tag; $400 now $320

Small Kiddush Cup with Filigree Rim made of 925 Sterling Silver


925 Sterling Silver Small Kiddush Cup With Traditional Filigree Rim

The Small Kiddush Cup is a small, finely made Cup that fits in the hands beautifully. The Cup is made entirely of 925 Sterling Silver with Traditional Filigree used to decorate the somewhat raised ridge and give it a brilliant finish.

The Sterling Silver Kiddush Cup makes a perfect Christmas gift from Israel to present to one’s spouse or mother and a fine gift for the Jewish holidays.


Price tag; $156 – $ 298

Beautiful Personalized Kiddush Cup


Beautiful Personalized Kiddush CupBeing the first of its kind in the utensils category, the Beautiful personalized kiddush Cup has its edge over the others because it’s an owner-specific Cup. Designed to fit the taste of the gifted, the Cup is a gem.

The Beautiful personalized kiddush Cup makes a perfect gift for one’s mother as it serves as a constant reminder of her child’s love. Viewing the dimensions, the personalized Kiddush Cup weighs in at about 95g at a height of 11.2cm, and the Cup is also a sizable gift.

Price tag; $140 – $196

925 Sterling Silver cut-out pendant


925 Sterling Silver Cut-Out Pendant

Moving away from the utensils and onto something jewelry, our first pick is the 925 Sterling Silver cut-out pendant. It tops the jewelry list as it is very much affordable for the amount of elegance it possesses.

The 925 Sterling Silver pendant is a perfect partner for whatever occasion it is worn for. It also fits every outing, be it a casual outing, a stroll in the park, or an official function. It’ll make an excellent gift for almost any female personality.

Price tag; $44 – $62

Unique 14k Yellow Gold Chai pendant


Unique 14K Yellow Gold Chai PendantThe second piece of jewelry on our list is the Unique 14k Yellow Gold Chai Pendant. Another fantastic piece by Avi Nadav sports a new material away from the usual Silver in most other categories. The Chai pendant is made of 14k Gold and is unique to the Chai scribed. Just the Chai tea, the 14k Yellow Gold pendant blends beautiful elements. A perfect gift from Israel with love.

We can’t possibly think of a better Israeli gift to give to a lady. Also, this is one of the best Christmas gifts from Israel.

Price tag; $144 – $240

Circle Silver Necklace with Jerusalem Element


Circle Silver Necklace with Jerusalem Elements

You’ve probably already guessed right, and the circle Silver necklace is unique for portraying Jerusalem. Designed to resemble the Jerusalem wall, the necklace resonates with a deep connection to Jerusalem—a perfect Christian gift for Mother’s Day. The design stops at the walls and extends to the letters of Jerusalem spelled around the round edges. The necklace is indeed fine work from Avi Nadav.

Price tag; $57 now $46

Finally, to summarize this article, the above-listed gifts are suitable for anybody, ranging from one’s mother to Jewish holidays, Shabbat, one’s wife, and even a married couple or newlyweds.

Even with a very competitive market, the Israeli center of Judaica offers fantastic prices and a generous reduction rate on almost all of its products. You can get your money’s worth with the suggested online jewelry store.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
As was stated at the beginning of this article, the significance of gifts is quite remarkable. A unique gift is rare. As in the case of newlyweds, they’re most likely to get more than one type of the same gift. It is excellent to go for the best quality money you can buy. Buying gifts from Israel is sure to tick all boxes.
Israel is a country that is renowned for its art and rich culture. This expertise reflects in their crafts. Blessed with great artisans, crafts from Israel are guaranteed to wow anyone gifted with them. Israel gifts online bring that extra comfort in getting hands on these unique gifts from Israel with little to no stress.
Well, the answer is Yes. As a site that qualifies as an Israel gift online store, Judaica even does free shipping for products purchased above $1000.

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