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14K White Gold Shema Israel Pendant
Shema Israel Necklaces The Full Guide

Shema is one of the two main prayers of the Jews. In Judaism, it is considered the most important prayer. Do you want to know more about Shema? Keep reading. What is the Shema, and Why is it Important?   As mentioned above, Shema is among the two main prayers in Judaism together with Amidah.

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Mezuzah Necklaces
Mezuzah Necklaces The Complete Guide

Mezuzah Necklaces – Facts and Top Recommendations You Might Not Know About Mezuzah is a Hebrew word that translates to the English word “doorpost.” According to Jewish tradition and culture, people hang Mezuzah at the doorstep’s entrance in Jewish homes. Additionally, it contains a small scroll where two biblical passages are printed. The Mezuzah scroll

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Everything you need to know about Jewish Wall Hangings
Jewish Wall Hangings The Complete Guide

What Makes Jewish Wall Hangings Exceptional with the Best Jewish Wall Hangings We Have! Regarding home decoration, many Jewish people need to hang a bit of Jewish wall hanging to show how much they respect and value their culture and heritage. This does not necessarily mean an image of the Western Wall or a story

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Everything You Need to Know About Challah Board
Challah Boards Full Guide

Are you one of those people wondering what a challah board is? Look no further because this post has got you covered, just like a Challah on Shabbat’s eve. Keep reading to know more about what a challah board is, its uses, and more. At the bottom of this article, we also provided some selections

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Everything you need to know about Shabbat Kiddush cups
Everything You Need To Know About Shabbat Kiddush Cups

How to Choose a Shabbat Kiddush Cup? Living according to the Jewish tradition can enrich your life. If you want to follow the Jewish tradition fully you must do a Kiddush on Shabbat eve, and for that, you must have a Shabbat Kiddush Cup. The tradition of Kiddush Hashem on Shabbat’s eve can make your

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Everything You Need to Know Sukkot Holiday

The Torah said: “And rejoice in your holiday . . .” It commands us to celebrate this holiday with all our family. Sukkot is one of the most important holidays from the bible and it is a very unique holiday mainly because you need to stay in a sukkah (which is a kind of a

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10 Facts You Must Know About Shabbat Kiddush Cups
10 Facts You Must Know About Shabbat Kiddush Cups

For as long as the world can remember, wine is a celebratory drink in Judaism. It has its own blessings and grace in the praying siddurim and has special blessing for it in many holidays and during the ritual of shabbat. The Kiddush Cup is an essential piece of Judaica and also a ritualistic piece

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