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Challah Boards Full Guide

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challah Board with Shabbat Candlesticks Are you one of those people wondering what a challah board is? Look no further because this post has got you covered, just like a Challah on Shabbat’s eve. Keep reading to know more about what a challah board is, its uses, and more. At the bottom of this article, we also provided some selections of the best challah boards you can buy today.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

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What Is a Challah Board?

A challah board is used to hold and present the traditional braided loaf of bread referred to as Challah. Challah boards are typically made of pottery, ceramic, wood, or glass. Of those materials, wood can be custom-designed to match your décor and current table setting.

Remember that Challah is a kind of bread braided and made with more eggs than other bread types. It’s often eaten on Friday night in celebration of the Jewish Shabbat, during the Kiddush Ceremony. Also, a round braided challah is frequently served at the Jewish New Year.

The Jewish New Year often falls in September. The blessing over the Challah is part of the Friday night prayers, which are said before the Shabbat meal. Due to their profound spiritual significance, Challah Boards can substantially differ in appearance and quality.

What Is a Challah Board Used For?

Bear in mind that the main use of a challah board is to hold the challah bread during the Shabbat and Jewish holiday meals. Choosing the best challah board means you can confidently display the Challah in your home.

A unique, hand-engraved, personalized challah board makes a meaningful and personal engagement, housewarming, or wedding gift.

How Big Is a Challah Cover?

Different people buy challah boards for different purposes. Normally, the sizes of challah boards vary greatly, between twelve to thirty inches long.

When people are buying challah covers, they often consider the total number of challah bread they would place on the board. For instance, suppose you will use two challah bread for Shabbat. In that case, you should pick a twenty- or twenty-four-inches challah board.

However, if you will only use one loaf for Shabbat, then a 10 or 12-inch challah board will be enough.

What Is Written on the Challah Bread Cover?

handmade challah cover If the table is the center of the Jewish family, then the handmade challah cover is considered the centerpiece. When you sit down for festival meals and Shabbat, the cover lies over two loaves of challah bread, remembering the dew, which covered the bread that God presented for the Israelites in the desert.

You see, that challah cover features the traditional Hebrew phrase, which is “Shabbat v’yom tom.” That translates to “Shabbat and holiday,” making it ideal for Shabbat and all of the holidays except Passover.

In the classic old world, Challah often encompasses the phrase, which is often embroidered in gold. The letters are appliqued, a method that is a lot faster than hand embroidery and also adds a touch of color to a modern touch.

You might also be wondering why the Challah is covered with a decorative cloth. In case you didn’t know yet, there are two explanations for that tradition. You see, the Kiddush (the blessing over the wine) leads the Motzi (the blessing over the Challah). People cover the Challah, so it must not feel slighted by the attention given to the wine.

On top of that, Jewish literature often compares Shabbat to a bride. As the bride’s veil is raised under the chuppah (also known as the wedding canopy), the Challah is revealed before the recitation of the blessing.

A crucial tradition in Judaism is that of hidur mitzvah, which makes the commandment more beautiful. It’s not just enough to place a plain cloth over the Challah but to make or have a beautiful cover, which is just for that purpose.

Also, making a challah cover is an amazing family activity.

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Best Challah Boards You Must Consider

1.Custom-Made Challah and Knife Set for Shabbat

1. Custom Made Challah and Knife Set for Shabbat A remarkable showpiece for Shabbat and all week long. This Custom-Made Challah and Knife Set promises an ever-lasting quality that is also combined with a distinctly modern look. A stylish band on the board side boasts an enamel background under a floral sterling decoration, which contrasts beautifully.

The best part about this custom-made challah set is the knife is made out of sterling along with an enamel background, together with a challah blessing. This challah board can be specially personalized for you.

This challah board is where tradition meets design. It is made of beautifully wooden material; this challah board is dazzling as its functional. The thoroughly designed feature involves a magnetically attached knife, which will never harm the wooden surface.

Every challah board comes in a unique, custom-made box along with a magnetic closure for long-standing storage. These challah boards make amazing gifts.

2. Challah Board and Knife Enameled Set

wood and silver Challah Board and Knife Enameled Set This is another excellent gift to your loved ones. This challah board and knife enameled set feature vibrant enamel and sterling silver lettering. One of the best things about this challah board set is that the board is hand-made out of the best quality wood and boasts a one-of-a-kind sterling silver decorative band down the side.

Pick any phrase or name to be elegantly included as a plaque on the front of the wooden board, adding a touch of customization and shine to the smooth board. This challah board and knife enameled set makes a great gift for a special someone, a wedding, or any special occasion.

The enamel color is available in two choices: colorful and shades of blue.


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3. Shabbat Jerusalem Landscape Challah Board

3. Shabbat Jerusalem Landscape Challah Board Celebrate the happy moments and events in your life with this stunning Shabbat Jerusalem Landscape Challah Board. Did you know that the painting on this challah board was made by Menucha Yankelevitch, a highly-sought artist and versatile painter specializing in a variety of techniques and styles?

Menucha is also famous as the Painter of Jerusalem. She loves to integrate the town as the subject of most of her art because it’s an ancient city in the middle of Israel. The artist also has an abiding love and constant inspiration for the city.

Its design is enhanced by a thoroughly engraved Hebrew text to feature a stunningly rendered challah board. This Shabbat Jerusalem Landscape Challah Board is a crucial piece that is certainly a welcome addition when celebrating family traditions.


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4. Terrific Concrete & Wood Bread Board With Hebrew Lettering

4. Terrific Concrete & Wood Bread Board With Hebrew Lettering Are you searching for a minimalistic and elegant challah board you can give to someone special? Look no further because this challah board has got you covered. This is a chic challah board, along with a powerful and modern design that you will not definitely see anywhere else.

The Hebrew word engraved, “שבת,” which means Shabbat, is engraved on the concrete board. You may be well aware that a challah board is more than a crucial item in each home. We think it is an amazing piece of art.

It’s about time you give a gift that stands out by selecting a sophisticated yet traditional Jewish piece to decorate every home. This is the ideal gift for a bar mitzvah or bat, which is a Jewish housewarming gift to new homeowners. It can also be the perfect new office gift for your precious Jewish friend or relative.

If you are also looking for a gift for Shabbat or the holidays, this is the one you need. Make it simple but relevant!


5. Stunning Shabbat Kodesh Challah Board

5. Stunning Shabbat Kodesh Challah Board Finally, make sure you make a Shabbat table like no other. With this lovely challah board, you can have an extra unique Shabbat table set-up—one that is meaningful and inviting at the same time.

This stunning challah board is a perfect Jewish gift. The heirloom quality Shabbat board can be personalized to make a unique board that cannot be seen in large box shops.

Have we mentioned that this wooden item is made from solid wood? It’s simple to maintain and clean at the same time. Just wash it with warm, soap water and air dry it.


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Final Thoughts

As you can see, you can find a variety of challah boards in different designs and colors. So, make sure you pick a board that appeals to your preferences and needs.

If you are searching for a good wedding, engagement, or housewarming gift, The Israeli Center of Judaica got you covered. Picking your gifts from our store means you will get a personalized, quality, and lovely gift for your special someone.

Compared to big stores selling pre-made items where you can add your own name, later on, The Israeli Center of Judaica prides itself on giving a personal touch to your challah board. Whether you want to include a special message, a logo, or a drawing, we got you covered.

So, what are you waiting for? Start shopping at our store today to get one of the best and most unique challah boards you will ever see! Feel free to contact us today to get your personalized challah boards from the Israeli Center of Judaica.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A challah board is used to protect the table when cutting the challah at Shabbat night during the Kiddush and to bless: the one who brings bread out of the land” המוציא לחם מן הארץ”
challah means is a special bread that is used by Jews on Friday night during the Friday evening consecration and with it comes the pool of the one who brings out bread from the land
The blessing on the challah board is the one ”who brings bread out of the land” המוציא לחם מן הארץ ” which is also the Friday night blessing during the dedication of the Friday meal when the whole family gathers together and everyone gets a piece of Shabbat’s challah

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