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Mezuzah Necklaces The Complete Guide

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Mezuzah Necklaces Mezuzah Necklaces – Facts and Top Recommendations You Might Not Know About

Mezuzah is a Hebrew word that translates to the English word “doorpost.” According to Jewish tradition and culture, people hang Mezuzah at the doorstep’s entrance in Jewish homes.

Additionally, it contains a small scroll where two biblical passages are printed. The Mezuzah scroll is placed on each interior room’s entrance, except the bathroom. It is often inserted in a wood, plastic, or metal casing.

Today, you can find Mezuzah in the form of pendants or necklaces. Keep reading to know more about Mezuzah necklaces!

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What is the origin of Mezuzah?

The Mezuzah origin dates back to when the lamb’s blood was smeared on the doorpost, being identified as the Jewish people’s home, recalling the exodus from Egypt. Since then, the Mezuzah has become a critical part of Jewish symbols.

If you see an authentic Mezuzah Cover hung on the doorstep, you can quickly identify it as a home of Jewish people. According to the Jewish culture and holy books, if you wish for your inner self to reflect Godly ideals, you must protect it against the outside world at the doorway or entrance.

So, placing Mezuzah at every Jewish household’s doorstep is one way.

A mezuzah case is also a fantastic housewarming gift

What Does a Mezuzah Necklace Mean?

Are you planning to buy Gold Mezuzah jewelry for your loved ones? If yes, a gold Mezuzah necklace or a Mezuzah pendant is one of the best Judaica gift options.

This gift idea is ideal for people who believe in Mezuzah’s power in protecting evil eyes. If they do not see it that way, it is still an excellent Jewish symbol gift.

Like the Star of David, the Mezuzah necklace is also liked by Jewish people. Mezuzah jewelry is not quite common since this Jewish symbol is often placed on doors; a gold or silver Mezuzah necklace can be a unique gift idea.

What Is On the Mezuzah Scroll?

The Mezuzah has two parts: the case and the scroll. The scroll is the Mezuzah’s essential part.

Deuteronomy’s two verses or parts are written on the Mezuzah scroll or the parchment. These verses include 6:4-9 and 11:3-21 and are registered in Hebrew. Besides these two verses, only God’s name, “sha-dai,” is printed on the scroll’s reverse end.

The two paragraphs within the Mezuzah scroll explain, “Blessed are, Lord our God, Ruler of the universe,” who sanctified the people with His commandments and commanded them to affix a Mezuzah in their doorposts.

Below is one of the two verses written inside the Mezuzah scroll:

Deuteronomy 6:4-9

  1. Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one. 5Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength. 6. These commandments that I give you today are to be on your hearts. 7. Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up. 8. Tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them to your foreheads. 9. Write them on the doorframes of your houses and your gates.

Can You Wear a Mezuzah Around Your Neck?

Can You Wear a Mezuzah Around Your Neck?Yes. You can find different Mezuzah necklace designs. Many men and women wear Mezuzah around their necks as an amulet or charm.

However, people interested in wearing a Mezuzah around their necks must realize that it is not a magical charm or a protective device. Instead, it symbolizes the willingness, commitment, and love to create a Jewish home.

Top Mezuzah Necklace Recommendations 

Silver or a gold Mezuzah necklace is a fantastic gift option you can give to people who follow Judaism. Beautiful and elegantly designed jewelry pieces with Judaica symbols are becoming more popular these days. You can give a Mezuzah Necklace on special occasions, like weddings, birthdays, etc.

Most people wear this pendant believing it would protect them from different dangers and evil. Mezuzah pendants usually have “Shin” or “Shadai” written on the front.

Hamsa jewelry is also believed to ward off evil spirits.

Are you unsure which Mezuzah necklace or pendant you should buy for a gift? If so, check out the top recommendations below:

1. Classic Men’s Mezuzah Pendant 

Classic Men's Mezuzah PendantThis men’s Mezuzah pendant is made of 14k white gold. With the stunning details on both sides, like the lined texture of gold, the front’s holy inscription, the bark’s reminiscent, and the decorative filigree on the backside, this pendant is a brilliant and must-have ornamental Mezuzah.

The pendant’s line-textured gold on the front shines brightly. You can see the Hebrew white gold word “Shaddi,” which translates to “God Almighty.” When you look at the Mezuzah pendant’s sides, you will notice a white crown with braided details.

As with the backside grill design, you will see curved and circular motifs in a shiny finish and the Magen David or the Star of David.

2. Beautiful 14K White Gold Diamond Mezuzah 

Beautiful 14K White Gold Diamond MezuzahAre you looking for a Mezuzah pendant with white gold diamond detail? Then, the Beautiful 14K White Gold Diamond Mezuzah is the perfect choice for you. You can have this pendant for yourself or for someone you love.

This dainty and beautiful 14k white gold Mezuzah pendant highlights the center-diamond Star of David, which comes in a distinctive geometric cutout design. When you look closer, it will remind you of a pinwheel.

The 3D relief representation makes it easy to identify the delicately designed cutouts. The pendant’s cut-out pattern offers a seamless shine from the center diamond.

Aside from delivering a contemporary classic look, this pendant has a high-shine smooth finish and exquisite design, making it a great Judaica jewelry gift.

3. 14K Gold Jerusalem Mezuzah Pendant

14k Gold Jerusalem Mezuzah PendantThe 14K Gold Jerusalem Mezuzah Pendant is another beautiful Judaica piece to complete an unforgettable Mezuzah necklace gift. This Jerusalem-themed Mezuzah pendant has stunning symbols and details and is made of 14K yellow gold.

The Mezuzah pendant has attractive designs and symbols, including the Lion of Judah, Jerusalem’s municipal emblem, and the Holy bible inscription. The pendant’s line-textured gold surface on the front has a mesmerizing shine, resembling the tree bark and the stone wall surface.

There is also the Hebrew word “Shaddi” in dark white gold lettering. You will find the Lion of Judah at the pendant’s base in the side view. The grill design showcases the Magen David in a high-shine finish.

4. Beautiful Jewish Mezuzah Pendant 

Beautiful Jewish Mezuzah PendantDo not miss the Beautiful Jewish Mezuzah Pendant when searching for a perfect Judaica gift idea. This pendant is made of 14K white gold adorned with beautiful details from all sides and angles.

The pendant has an impressive design, like a lined-textured gold surface, the decorative filigree on the backside, and the holy inscription. The Hebrew word “Shaddi” is slightly raised in dark white gold lettering. Besides the delicate 3D relief presentation, the pendant includes scrolls and cutouts along the sides.

5. Yellow Jerusalem Shadi 14K Gold Necklace 

Yellow Jerusalem Shadi 14K Gold NecklaceThe Yellow Jerusalem Shadi 14K Gold Necklace is not only sought-after because of its intricate design details but also for its attractive shine. The necklace pendant’s stunning symbols are the Lion of Judah, Jerusalem’s municipal emblem, and the holy Hebrew inscription.

This Mezuzah pendant with protective symbolism and holy inscription has a beautiful sparkle from all angles. Indeed, it is an unforgettable gift for someone.

Get Yourself a Mezuzah Necklace Now!

A Mezuzah necklace can be the best gift if your Jewish friend has an upcoming housewarming celebration or wedding. The Mezuzah depicted on the chain reminds them of their authentic Jewish life and ancient culture.

Whether the necklace is made up of silver or gold, it is undeniably an unforgettable gift. Buying Judaica gifts is made easy with The Israeli Center of Judaica.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
The meaning of a mezuzah necklace is a strong faith in God. In fact, when we put the mezuzah pendant around our necks, we strengthen our trust in God, that He will protect us from everything, The same way he protected us the Jews in the exodus story from Egypt.
A mezuzah is not an amulet, a mezuzah is a Jewish symbol that signifies great faith in the Jewish religion and its symbols. Every Jewish home, even non-religious ones, will have a mezuzah at the door of their home.
Many traditional and ultra-Orthodox Jews wear a mezuzah necklace around their necks and walk around with it every day. Some even think that it is a luxurious jewel that adds to their appearance.

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