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Everything You Need to Know About Star Of David Jewelry

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For as long as we know, there is no other symbol which relates so closely to the Jewish religion. The Star of David, and In Hebrew ‘Magen David’, is the most common Jewish symbol; and you may see it on objects and items such as on the flag of Israel, synagogues, Torah books, decorative pieces of art and jewelry. The following article will examine the history of the ‘Magen David’, its meaning and how it became such an important piece of jewelry. 


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The History of the Star of David

The star of David is made of two identical and cemeterial triangles. It has 6 points and it is also known as the ‘Jewish star’. Its first appearance was mainly a decorative one in the Jewish religion, and over time it proceeded to obtain religious and holy traits, 

In Kabalistic writings, the Star of David is found at the center of the tree of life. The six spheres are coming together at the center of the star, creating its shape, and it stands for one’s connection with divinity. 

In biblical writings, there is no connection found between the army of king David and the shape of the star. However, in many biblical writings, God himself is often referred to as the shield of David.

From this point on, the star of David continued appearing throughout history as a symbol of divine protection, and good fortune and in Europe and eastern Europe – a banner of the Jewish religion. With time, the star of David gained the responsibility to represent Jewish households and houses of worship and ritual.

What Does the Star of David Mean Today?

In current times, The star of David is the international symbol of Judaism. Its first appearance on the flag of Israel was in 1897 during the times of the Zionist congress when Benyamin Ze’ev Hertzel started carving to the path for the Jews of the world to have a state. The idea received the support it needed to become the official flag of the future state of Israel.

Later on, calamity occurred during WW2. The star of David has become the most hated symbol in Europe and means to separate the Jewish people from the rest of the continent. With that symbol 6,000,000 lost their lives because of their religious belief. The Yellow Star of David became an international symbol of the consequences of false hatred and apathy. 

Years went by, and the star of David became a representation in the shape of the silver star of David necklace and gold star of David necklaces.

What Does the Bible Say About the Star of David’s Jewelry?

Since there are no biblical references for the star of David to be a holy Jewish symbol, there is no ban on using gold star of David and the sterling silver star of David necklaces as male or female jewelry. The only few limitations that take effect is that a man is forbidden to wear jewelry and garment which were specifically designed for women. Another one is the ban of wearing jewelry and symbols that have mystical or magical traits attributed to it. In our times, the vast majority of the world acknowledges the symbolic meaning the star of David holds in the Jewish religion, therefore the second limitation is quite irrelevant. 

Can Anyone Wear the Star of David? 

Today, the star of David holds many meanings that may relate and resonate with unorthodox Jews and people from other religions and beliefs. The star of David is a symbol of divinity in Hinduism, Kabala, Christianity, and even the Islam. Because of that, no matter what your background is, you will probably have some connection to the star of David. It may be a decorative motif in your community, a part of your religion, and maybe a symbolic meaning to the energy you feel. That is why today basically anyone can wear Star of David Jewelry.


How Much Does a Star of David Cost?

As far as the price goes, it’s all about the quality of materials and the type of jewelry you are looking for. The common customer may find in a quick look the star of David jewelry from bracelets and rings all the way to extraordinary pendants and even Star of David rings. When there are so many designs from all over the world, it is quite hard to pinpoint the exact price of each piece of jewelry, but we will try our best here.

Sterling silver star of David necklaces and other pieces of jewelry may cost as little as 200 dollars and the price may vary all the way up to 1,000 dollars.

Gold star of David jewelry and necklaces may cost 300 dollars and the price may vary all the way up to 3,000 dollars since the gold can be as high quality as 14 karats.

You must understand, that there are many artists, jewelers, and silversmiths who treat Judaica making as holy, while they use ancient family techniques. 

What Star of David Jewelry Designs are Available?

On the web, you can come across three-dimensional creations of the star of David, pendants, necklaces, coin necklace designs, earrings, and many more designs. In order to make the star of David jewelry more distinguished, it is very common to combine gems and diamonds to the jewelry. It raises the jewelry’s value, quality, and beauty.


What is the Meaning of Star of David Jewelry?

The star of David, as a piece of jewelry, doesn’t necessarily hold that many meanings. Because it is common on a global scale and holds many meanings, it may vary from one person to another. For the majority of Jews all over the world, the Star of David Jewellery stands for protection, providence, and good luck. To many others, the star of David may symbolize their personal connection to the earth and world, the equality and mutuality between genders, and many other meanings.

As long as we don’t hold any mystical traits to it and try to imbue mystical meaningsto it, the star of David is a representation of good.

Where Can You Find the Best Star of David Jewelry?

In The Israeli Center of Judaica, you may find many pieces of jewelry of all kinds and designs, including the Star of David. We offer the best and the most creative works from the most talented Israeli artists around.

The Israeli Center of Judaica is taking pride in exhibiting, selling, and cooperating with local artists; considering all that has been written about those artists and the last two paragraphs. Don’t be shy. There is a design perfectly fit for anyone at the Israeli center. Check it out today!


The article shows the many connections the star of David holds to religions, beliefs, and symbolic meanings. While it stands for so many things in Jewish history and lore, the star of David holds major roles in different cultures on a global scale. For all of these reasons, we learn that any person may wear Star of David jewelry and maybe even Gold Star of David Earrings, but there should be intention and meaning behind it and a true connection between the person wearing it and the beautiful star jewelry itself

Benny Abraham

Benny Abraham

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