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Everything You Need to Know About Sterling Silver Shabbat Candlesticks

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 Sterling Silver Shabbat CandlesticksRegardless if you are an orthodox Jew or not, the shabbat candlesticks are staple in every Jewish household. Some are passed down from generation to generation, and some are brand new, but all of them are a representation of the importance of the shabbat and family. The following article will shed light on the humble Judaica piece of ritual, from the rituals and meanings of all the materials and the vast collection of the Israeli Center of Judaica.

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Let There Be Light

Every religion has its own way to celebrate the four elements: fire, wind, earth and water. In the Jewish religion, the essentiality of the elements comes to light through various small and big rituals: the water element via kiddush, the earth element via funerals, the air element is often depicted as the holy spirit – ru’ach = wind = spirit, and the fire element via different holidays and of course – the lighting of the shabbat candles.

Thirty minutes before the shabbat enters, the women of the house place the candles on the candlesticks. Sterling silver candlesticks are a great choice for candlesticks, for their beauty and charm. The women light the candles, brush their warmth on their faces and recite the blessings.

The Importance of Shabbat Candlesticks

The Importance of CandlesticksDuring the Shabbat, the orthodox Jews, or those who like keeping Shabbat, are not allowed to do many tasks. By religious laws, you cannot do any action during the Shabbat that requires another action after it, such as: Playing musical instruments, writing, driving, and making use of fire and electricity. The whole point is to take a break from the daily routines and for twenty-five or twenty-six hours – just be focused on family, friends and the peace of mind the Shabbat brings to us.

The blessing on the candles and fire is meant to show the holiness and importance of fire, and at the same time – to show that we are able to hold ourselves from using it.

The Candlesticks

candlesticks are a very important piece of Judaica as we can see. These humble items are used to hold for blessing a critical element in our lives. That is why we usually will not find any simple design or cheap materials when we are looking to purchase a pair of those.  For that reason and many others, we will usually find on the market sterling silver candlesticks. Silver is a precious metal and a very manipulatable material. It allows silversmiths and Judaica artists to make the most beautiful and unique sterling silver candle holders and candlesticks.

In Jewish history and lore, candlesticks are traced back all the way to the days of the 2nd temple in Jerusalem. As a matter of fact, sterling silver shabbat candlesticks as we know and use them today are a symbolic memory to the seven candles menorah that was used in the temple and seen as the symbol of the state of Israel. Speaking of Menorah, browse here our full stunning collection of sterling silver Hanukkah menorahs.

A Precious Gift

Precious Sterling silver shabbat candlesticksSterling silver candlesticks are very common and fairly often used for a very good reason. Because they hold such high religious values. First of all, it is tradition to keep your candlesticks within the family and pass it on from parents to children. In addition, candlesticks, as we just read, are a gesture to the temple and a reminder of Jerusalem. Furthermore, the higher the quality of the candlesticks the higher their value in the long term.

As you see, there are many purposes and meanings to the “humble” sterling silver candlesticks and candle holders. But how does it start? How does one start such a tradition? To be fair, it all depends on one’s friends and family. Candlesticks are a marvelous present for each household no matter the relation. Sterling silver shabbat candlesticks show the person who receives them how much the other person cares for them.

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Sterling Candlesticks Quality

sterling silver CandlesticksWe see the word sterling quite often when we discuss metals and silver. The word sterling stands in those contexts for meanings like ‘high quality, ‘genuine’, ‘refined’. It comes to showcase the artist’s importance of using high–quality products and to mold and design them properly. One piece of sterling silver art work may be the only testimony a silversmith will need to showcase the value and quality of the entire collection.

The Price Range of Candlesticks

The price range of sterling silver candle holders and candlesticks varies. Since we are still talking about silver products, the starting point is quite high in comparison to products made of lesser metals. The lowest starting point for silver Shabbat candlesticks is as low as 200 dollars, and the purer and sterling the silver is, and the more gems and décor are combined in the candle stick – the price will go higher. Even as high as 2,000 dollars. Let’s not forget that sterling silver candlesticks are melted silver, molded into something beautiful and holy. So, when you think about it, the prices make sense.

The Israeli Center of Judaica

The Israeli Center of JudaicaYou may find in many shops and markets all over Israel and its holy cities beautiful artwork, Judaica, yarmulkes, and ritual pieces. However, you will not come across a vast and diverse collection like the one in the Israeli Center of Judaica. The website and main shop gather a collection of the finest Israeli Judaica and offer sterling silver candlesticks like no other place. You will be able to find the works of over 20 silversmiths and jewelers, the most skillful Israeli artists, who create various designs which hold their own interpretation of Shabbat, Judaism, and the importance of the candles ritual before Shabbat.

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Made in Israel

There is something special when it comes to Jewish and Israeli creations. When made in Israel, Jewish artworks and Judaica just come with an added value. The Israeli center of Judaica holds the 925 sterling silver candlesticks collection, gathered from 10 different local artists, jewelers and silversmiths. Those artists put their Jewish tradition, values, knowledge and hand skills into every piece. Many of the artists in Israel are coming from a lineage of smiths, rabbis and traditional Jewish families in general. All of these turn every creation into something more than just a candlestick.

It turns the sterling silver candlesticks into a piece of the artist that you can take home. It is a piece of the tradition of someone else you can add to your own tradition.

Fits Everywhere

Usually, when we buy art pieces for the house, we have to think before the purchase where we will place it. The thing with candlesticks is that they will fit where you see fit. Sterling silver 925 candlesticks can fit in any small niche at your house. At the entry to the house, in your Shabbat area alongside the siddur and yarmulkes, in the living room – literally, they will fit everywhere!

How to Choose Candlesticks

How to Choose CandlesticksThere are so many options for Candlesticks in various designs and materials. When it comes to silver candlesticks, it’s really all about the design. The Israeli Center of Judaica offers you one of the largest and most diverse collections of Judaica Candlesticks for Shabbat all over the web. From modern sterling silver candlesticks to traditional silver candlesticks with filigree, there is really something for everyone. You can find on the Israeli center of Judaica’s website various options, with nearly 200 products to choose from!

So, when you go on and look for the perfect piece, the first thing you need to do is to choose between modern and traditional candlesticks. The second thing you need to do is to decide on the material. The Israeli Center also offers unique options such as colorful aluminum shabbat candlesticks or luxurious Onyx stone candlesticks. Remember – the more materials used to put together the candlesticks, the higher the price will be.

Why Choose Israeli Judaica?

In today’s modern times, religious traditions and values have the tendency to be neglected every now and then. The power of Israeli Judaica goes far beyond art. It is about the traditions of Jewish art, its preservation in modern times and the moral compass they carry. We all have in our homes or our parents’ home some way to hold the shabbat ritual. It makes us chant hymns and prayers and to think about our comrades in life. It makes us think about others. Israeli Judaica products are the core reminder for all of those. It is the location, the design, the technique and what each artist forges into the Judaica that makes it an important reminder for tradition.

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The Recap

Sterling silver candlesticks and holders are an amazing memorial of biblical times which connects to our sacred ritual of celebrating shabbat and family. It may be a beautiful gift to give to your friends and family and even to yourselves. These are beautiful pieces of art design by ancient technique and inspiration with a modern interpretation. Visit the Israeli center of Judaica today, and get ready to be amazed.

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Benny Abraham

Benny Abraham

Hello, my name is Benny Abraham and I am the Founder of The Israeli Center of Judaica. I created this boutique marketplace website out of love and a strong desire to help small and medium-sized Israeli artists who don't have much exposure and who mainly want to focus on their art creation.

We offer unique art and Judaica made with passion and love to bring the beauty of Israeli and Jewish art to your homes. We focus on producing various unique products and use and combine materials and designs not seen elsewhere.

In the past, I worked as a silversmith specializing in sterling silver judaica. After many years working as a silversmith, I decided to follow my dream of opening a marketplace for all things Israeli Judaica and founded the Israeli Center of Judaica.

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