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How do I clean and maintain jewelry items from your store?

To clean and maintain jewelry items from our store, follow these guidelines. For silver jewelry, it’s essential to keep it away from damp areas and avoid wearing it in the shower or swimming pool to prevent tarnishing. You can clean silver jewelry with a silver polishing cloth or a mild jewelry cleaner if needed. For gold jewelry, which is generally low-maintenance, clean it To clean, use a gentle cloth and mild soapy water if needed. Avoid using harsh chemicals methods that can damage the metal. Aluminum jewelry should also be kept away from damp environments to prevent oxidation. You can clean aluminum jewelry with a soft, damp cloth. It’s crucial to Keep your jewelry in optimal condition and safeguard against damage by storing it in a dry, cool location. to maintain its condition and prevent damage. Protect your jewelry from scratches and tangles by using jewelry boxes or pouches.

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