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Everything You Need To Know About Shabbat Kiddush Cups

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How to Choose a Shabbat Kiddush Cup?

How to Choose a Shabbat Kiddush Cup?Living according to the Jewish tradition can enrich your life. If you want to follow the Jewish tradition fully you must do a Kiddush on Shabbat eve, and for that, you must have a Shabbat Kiddush Cup. The tradition of Kiddush Hashem on Shabbat’s eve can make your weekend more spiritual and relaxing. This tradition is suitable for singles and families alike.

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Shabbat Kiddush Cup – What Is It Used for?

With the Shabbat Kiddush Cup, the tradition is to pour wine and bless the coming of Shabbat with it. This cup is usually a festive one and it’s made from silver or gold.

Passover Kiddush Cup – Why Is It Different From a Regular Shabbat Kiddush Cup?

Passover Kiddush Cup and the Shabbat Kiddush Cup have both similarities and differences between them:

Shabbat Kiddush Cup is only used on Shabbat eve.It is for all family members.You must keep this cup kosher. The Passover Kiddush Cup is only used at Passover. This cup is for the family members and the prophet Aliyah. You must keep this cup kosher and that means you can use it only during Passover.

The many similarities and differences between both kinds of cups are a living example of the complex beauty of the Jewish tradition and lifestyle. This way of life offers a lot of ceremonies such as the ceremony of Kiddush for the purpose of strengthening one’s beliefs and family ties.

Personalized Kiddush Cup – For Your Most Celebrated Days of The Year

Every Shabbat’s eve and Shabbat day are the most anticipated and most celebrated days of the week. These days are days of thanking the Shem and celebrating the creation of the world – like in the genesis book. This celebration has something in common with all Jews – when they do a kiddush. If you want to give the Kiddush in your family’s or friend’s house a more personal touch you can do it by buying a Personalized Kiddush Cup for them.


Jewish Wedding Kiddush Cup Set – An Original and Thoughtful Present

A Jewish Wedding Kiddush Cup Set is an original and thoughtful present. Every religious Jewish couple must have this kind of cup. This cup will use them throughout their common marriage life. We can design the cup in a personal way and manner. The cup itself can be made from silver or gold. When we come to choose a specific cup, we must choose a practical one that is at the same time aesthetic to look at.

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Personalized Kiddush Cup – What Can You Engrave On It?

Personalized Engraved Kiddush CupIf we want to buy a Personalized Kiddush Cup – we can choose what to engrave on it. We can engrave on the cup sentences from the bible or a picture of flowers or grapes. We can also engrave on the cup a picture of the dove from Noah’s arch. We must be careful not to engrave on the cup a picture of a person – because that is against the 10 commandments that say “make no graven image”.  A Personalized Engraved Kiddush Cup is a great present, and you can bring it when you come to stay with family or friends during the holidays.


Shabbat Kiddush Cup – Not What You Used to Think!

Most of us are used to thinking of a Shabbat Kiddush Cup, as a standard item. This item can be very special, and it is an art. The art of making a Jewish ceremonial religious item is very old. This kind of art requires a skillful craft, and it must be made slowly. This kind of art has a great meaning, and it has specific rules as to what it can and cannot be. In most cases, this kind of cup will be made from silver and feature some intricate decorations, such as our filigree silver kiddush cups.

Personalized Kiddush Cup and Its Artistic Features 

The beauty of a Personalized Kiddush Cup is that you can Personalize its artistic features. For example, you can choose to make a strong engraving or a more subtle one. You can also combine the design of the cup between both silver and brass or even stones! For example, check out the stunning Silver Kiddush Cup with Amethyst Stones. You can also engrave on the cup the family name or the personal name – of who you bring to the cup. If you don’t know what design to choose – you can let the artist have a free hand in making it. The design of the cup should be creative on the one hand but modest on the other.

Jewish Wedding Kiddush Cup Set – Get Creative In Its Design!

Jewish Wedding Kiddush Cup SetWhen you want to design a Jewish Wedding Kiddush Cup Set you can get creative with it. You can choose to engrave on the cup sentences about marriage or blessing to a good and happy marriage. It is important to make the cup according to tradition – the creativity of the design can come to place in the small details of the cup.

If you want your Jewish Wedding Kiddush Cup Set to have a special and unique design, you must hire an artist to design it for you. Some special artists specialize in making this kind of item. You can give the artist general instructions for the design like making the cup out of crystal, silver, or gold. You can also be much more specific in your instructions as long as the cup will be according to the traditional rules.


What Is a Jewish Style?

Nature-Inspired Silver Kiddush Cups.There is not one clear Jewish style. The meaning of a Jewish style is a modest style with motives from nature. One example can be seen in our Nature-Inspired Silver Kiddush Cups. According to the Jewish religion, you are not allowed to draw or engrave a figure of a man or woman, therefore, a lot of Jewish are crafted full of motives of the animal world and the world of nature. These kinds of designs can be full of color and imagination and are different from one another. A design of a Personalized Kiddush Cup can be unique and personal and yet keep to the rules and traditions of the Jewish religion.


How Can We Keep The Jewish Tradition – Practical Tips

If you want to keep the Jewish tradition a good place to start is to keep the Shabbat. The first step in keeping the Shabbat is to do a kiddush on Shabbat’s eve. It can be nicer to do it while you are using a Personalized Kiddush Cup. If you want to keep the Shabbat, you can not turn on fire or lights or any electrical devices. You are also not allowed to drive in a car or listen to the radio or watch television.


Can We Make Judaism More Personal?

Customized Kiddush Cup
Customized Kiddush Cup

In recent years, many Jewish people have wanted to make Judaism more personal for them. If you want to make Judaism more personal for you or your family – one way to do it is to use a Customized Kiddush Cup. This one item can make a general ceremony a more personal one.

You can engrave your design on your Kiddush cup. Different people relate to different kinds of designs, and you must explore what your favorite design is. Your favorite kiddush cup’s design can change from time to time. The design you might love in your thirties won’t necessarily be your favorite one when you are fifty years old. There are many different kinds of designs and that’s the beauty of it all.


Jewish Education – Tips on How to Educate Our Children In the Light of Judaism

A lot of Jewish people that do not live in Israel are afraid that their children will grow apart from the Jewish religion. If you want to educate your children in the light of Judaism, there are a few tips that can assist you in that:

  • Expose your kids to the Jewish holidays
  • Try to eat Kosher food
  • Read the stories of the Bible
  • Listen to Hebrew music
  • Keep the Shabbat and use a Shabbat Kiddush Cup
  • Teach your kids the rich Jewish history
  • Visit Israel and the holy places
  • Go to the Synagogue
  • Learn Hebrew
  • Read Hebrew books
  • Watch Israeli movies
  • Celebrate the Jewish holidays

Another thing that can help you educate your children in the light of Judaism is if you will be part of the Jewish community in your hometown. There is no one formula or prescription that will guarantee that your kids will be close to the Jewish tradition – but the best you can do is to try.

Special Suggestions For Shabbat Kiddush Cup Designs

Jerusalem Inspired Kiddush CupsIf you want to find special suggestions for Shabbat Kiddush cup designs – you can look them up in symbols that appear in the stories of the Hebrew Bible. The Israeli Center of Judaica offers unique choices for kiddush cups, from Floral Kiddush Cups to Jerusalem Inspired Kiddush Cups In the stories, you can find different iconic symbols like fruits, plants, and animals. If you are not sure what image to choose you can ask your rabbi and even, choose a specific sentence from the Hebrew bible or a specific blessing from the Jewish tradition.

In conclusion, the Jewish religion and tradition both have a rich history. Keeping the rules and ceremonies of these can enrich our lifestyle and give us more meaning in our everyday lives. If we do not know how to start to keep this kind of tradition – a good place to start is to do a kiddush on Shabbat’s eve. Using Shabbat’s kiddush cup and designing it personally can help us come closer to the Jewish tradition.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
One of the more important days in everyone’s life is their wedding day. In the Jewish culture, the wedding day is very special, and it includes many different customs. The life of Jewish men and women are very different before and after the wedding. If we want to give a soon-to-be-wed couple a meaningful and yet useful gift – we should give them a Jewish Wedding Kiddush Cup Set.
Passover Kiddush Cup can be used only during the Passover days and eve. On any other day or holiday, you must use a different cup. If you will use it by mistake in your Passover Kiddush cup, not at Passover – you will need to replace it with a new one. There are very clear rules to the making of Jewish ceremonies and traditions and to know them – you must learn them carefully and thoroughly.
The role of the Passover Kiddush Cup on Passover eve is to bless the different blessings with a glass of wine. The Kiddush cup is also a cup for Elijah the prophet. Much like the Shabbat Kiddush Cup, the Kiddush cup of Passover has a deep religious meaning and it has a very important role and part in every Jewish household. Not only do religious Jews use this kind of item – but almost all Jews all over the world.

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