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Learn the Meaning and History of Torah Pointers!

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Torah pointers

According to Judaism, the Torah is a sacred book that should not be touched by hand. There are various reasons behind this. 

Small Beautiful Yad Torah Yemenite Pointer

The Torah is believed to be the word of God, which should be handled with care and respect by not touching it. Another reason is to preserve the text, as frequent touching may wipe off the text.

How do I follow the text of the scroll while I’m reading? This is where the Torah Pointer comes in! The Yad, or the Torah pointer, is used to trace the text of the Torah while reading.

What’s more about the Torah pointer? Read on as we explore the Torah pointer’s origination, uses, types, and functions.


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What is the Torah Pointer called?

Torah pointers, also known as Yad or Yad Torah, are ritual pointers Jewish readers use when reading from the Torah

Yad Torah Pointer

scroll, especially during services. The Torah scroll is considered sacred and should not be touched directly by human hands. The Yad serves as a pointer for the Torah.

Using a Torah pointer is considered a sign of respect and reverence for the Torah. It is a way a reader demonstrates their care and attention to detail when reading from the scroll. It is also a way to avoid accidentally smudging or damaging the text, which could be considered disrespectful.


The History of the Torah Pointer

The Early Days

A Torah pointer, or Yad, can be traced back to ancient times. It is believed to be used in the Second Temple, lasting from approximately 516 BCE to 70 CE. At one time, the Torah was read aloud in synagogues. A Yad was used to point to the text the leader was reading.

Torah pointer in the Second Temple era

The Middle Ages

By the Middle Ages, the Yad had become common in synagogues throughout Europe and the Middle East. They were often made of silver or other precious metals and were highly decorated with intricate designs and inscriptions. Some Yads were made in the shape of a hand or finger, while others were designed to resemble a miniature Torah scroll.


The Renaissance Times

Torah Pointer with Custom Enamel ColorsDuring the Renaissance, Yad-making flourished, and Jewish artisans created many beautiful examples throughout Europe. In the 19th and 20th centuries, Jews migrated to the United States and other parts of the world. The tradition of using a Yad continued, and new designs and styles were developed to reflect the changing times.


The Modern Era

Today, Torah pointers are still used in synagogues around the world. They are considered an essential tool for reading from the Torah scroll. People value them for their beauty and craftsmanship.

What is the significance of the Torah Pointer?

The Torah pointer, or Yad, serves several essential functions in Jewish tradition, including:


Pointing to the Torah text

The primary function of the Yad Torah Pointer used to read the Torah is to point to the text being read from the Torah scroll during synagogue services. Because the Torah scroll is written by hand on parchment and is considered a sacred object, it is not to be touched with bare hands. 


Showing respect 

Beautiful Small Torah PointerUsing a Yad to read from the Torah scroll shows respect for Jewish tradition and scripture. The Torah is considered an essential text in Judaism. Using a Yad to handle it is a way of demonstrating reverence for its teachings.



The Yad is often decorated with intricate designs and inscriptions, making it a beautiful and valuable object in its own right. Some Yads are passed down through families as heirlooms, and they may be valuable for their craftsmanship and historical significance.



Yad Torah Pointer

The pointer also serves as a symbol of the relationship between the Jewish people and the Torah. By using the Yad to read from the Torah scroll, the reader is not only indicating the text but is also connecting with the long tradition of Jewish scholarship and interpretation.


The design of the Yad Torah Pointer

It is often ornamented with intricate designs or inscriptions. It can be shaped like a long, thin rod, with a pointed tip on one end and a hand or finger on the other. The hand or finger guides the reader’s eye along the text, while the pointed tip indicates the word being read.


What is the Torah pointer made from?

The Torah is made from various things, including:

Woods and bones

Traditionally, the Yad is made from wood, bones, and ivories. However, people rarely use these materials to make them today.


Valuable metals

In the modern world, people now use precious and expensive metals such as gold and silvers to make their Yad Torah pointers.

Torah Pointer Jewish GiftSilver is a widely used item for making Yads due to its aesthetics and durability. The Sterling silver Torah pointer is a prevalent type of Torah pointer. Silver sterling contains over 90% silver and less than 8% other metals.

Gold is also used to make Torah pointers. The Yad can be made from pure gold or as a plating over a base metal. These types of Torah pointers are typically expensive.


Other metals

Pointers are also made from metals like stainless, brass, or alloys. They can be coated with precious metals like silver to look beautiful and are an excellent alternative to pure gold or silver Yad Torah Pointers.

The material used to make a Yad can vary depending on the final product’s style, function, and desired appearance. The most important aspect of a Yad is that it is functional. 


How is the Torah pointer made?

They use various techniques to create the finished product. The steps in making a Yad can vary depending on the materials used and the design. However, the typical steps include the following:


  • Silver Extra Large Colorful Torah PointerDesign: The first step in making a Torah pointer is to create a design. This may involve sketching the Yad on paper or creating a digital rendering using specialized software.


  • Materials: After selecting a design, the metalworker will choose to use a material to make it from, such as silver or gold.


  • Casting: If the Yad is made of metal, the manufacturer may use a casting process to create the basic shape of the Yad. This involves creating a mold of the design and pouring molten metal into the mold to create the basic shape of the Yad.


  • Extra Large Torah Pointer Filigree and Name TagFinishing: Once the basic shape of the Yad has been created, the craftsman will use various tools to refine the shape and add details to the design. This refining process may involve filing, sanding, and polishing the Yad until it is smooth and free of imperfections.


  • Decoration: After creating the basic shape, the maker may add decorative elements, such as inscriptions or ornamental designs, to the pointer, using engraving or other techniques.


  • Final touches: Once the Yad is complete, the metalworker will make any final adjustments and add any final touches to the design.

What types of Torah pointers are available?

There are several types of Torah pointers available. Some of the most common types include:


  • Traditional Yads: These are the most common type of Torah pointer and are typically made of metal, such as silver or gold. They are often highly decorated with intricate designs or inscriptions.


  • Wooden Yads: Some are made of wood, often carved into intricate shapes and designs.


  • Blue Torah Pointer with Personalized TagModern Yads: In recent years, modern Yads made from materials such as acrylic, stainless steel, or other metals have become popular. These Yads may be simpler in design than traditional Yads and may be available in a wide range of colors.


  • Portable Yads: These are small and lightweight designs, making them easy to carry. It is useful when traveling or attending services away from your home synagogue.





The Torah is considered a sacred book that should be touched with hands. The Torah pointer or Yad helps readers to follow texts while reading from the Torah instead of touching them. For instance, an adult or a child studying the Torah pointer is a sign of respect for the word of God.


The Torah exists in different designs and shapes. It is also made from other materials such as wood, ivories, silver, gold, etc. The Yad is still widely used in many synagogues to read the Torah.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
The Torah Pointer is made from different materials ranging from wood, gold, silver, and other metals.
The Torah pointer helps trace the Torah to respect God and His word. It also helps to protect the texts from being damaged or cleaned off.
Making the Yad follows a few processes: choosing a design and material, casting, finishing, decorations, and some final touches.

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