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Personalized Name Jewelry The Complete Guide

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Personalized Hebrew Name NecklaceName jewelry, especially name necklaces, have been common, classic staples of jewelry boxes for decades, and thanks to the resurgence of early 2000s fashion, their popularity has only increased once more. Given the importance of names as markers of identity and belief in the Jewish faith, name necklaces can be even more meaningful for people with Hebrew names. It’s unsurprising, therefore, that Hebrew name necklaces are rising in favor.



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Why Are Names So Important?


Names have a lot of meaning in the Jewish tradition. From biblical name changes, like Abraham and Sarah’s, to medieval naming superstitions, to modern-day naming traditions, Jewish people have always attached a profound significance to names. Many new parents both in Israel and abroad will even consult a specialist to decide what name to give to their new babies. That’s how important it is to get it right!


Even outside of the personal and spiritual, names have a lot of ethnic significance. Especially for those who live in the diaspora, a Jewish name can set you apart from others and remind you of your unique and individual identity, background and traditions.


The Importance of Hebrew Lettering

Along with names, the written word has huge importance in Judaism, as it does with many cultures. The Hebrew script is one of the oldest alphabetic scripts in the world, and has been used for sacred purposes for thousands of years. The art of Hebrew calligraphy is still practiced today, most commonly to write Torah books and other holy texts. After the completion of the book, the written word is still so important that the manuscript will require a formal burial after it can no longer be used.


It’s also a matter of identity: although name necklaces are also popular in English and Arabic, someone with a connection to the Hebrew language will naturally want their name to be written in Hebrew.


Of course, for some people the main appeal of using the Hebrew script on name jewelry is aesthetic. This is also fine, and there are a number of options in terms of fonts and styles that can draw attention to this unique and beautiful alphabet.

Hebrew Name Necklaces

In light of all of this, it’s hardly surprising that personalized Hebrew name necklaces are becoming so popular. To add an extra touch, all our necklaces are handmade in Israel and designed locally. You can personalize not only by name, but also by material and color. Rest assured that whatever you choose, it will utilize the highest quality materials, from sterling silver to 14k gold – an essential detail, especially for those who plan on wearing their necklace daily.  Many of our necklaces are also adjustable, meaning that you’ll get your perfect fit.


A name necklace is a wonderful way to celebrate your culture and difference, and with a variety of options to choose from, it’s never been easier to do. Here’s a useful guide to what necklaces are available, and which is best for you.


Top Personalizable Jewelry Designs


1.   Elegant Personalized Name Gold Necklace

Elegant Personalized Name Gold NecklaceThis is a super classic, rounded square Hebrew script. This is the ultimate Hebrew name necklace – pretty, uncomplicated, and clear to read. One of our most popular designs, this is a good option to give as a gift, too.




2.   Hebrew Unique Gold Name Necklace

Hebrew Unique Gold Name Necklace

This gold name necklace uses a font that might be familiar to you, as it’s a very classic biblical-style font often used in Torah calligraphy. It’s slightly more distinctive than the true classic above, which is a very clear-cut and squared-off font. This style packs a punch: it has a great connection with tradition, and a powerful look to it.



3.   Stylish Cursive Hebrew Gold Necklace

Stylish Cursive Hebrew Gold NecklaceIf you want something a little less classic, this cursive Hebrew necklace is a great choice. More fun and a little more youthful than the options listed above, the cursive Hebrew necklace available in gold and silver.




4.   Stylish Cursive Hebrew Name Gold Necklace (with heart detail)


Stylish Cursive Hebrew Name Gold NecklaceSame as above, but with a delicate heart and wave detail underneath, this cursive Hebrew necklace makes for a very sweet gift, especially for younger girls. Consider this as an option for a bat mitzvah present.



5.   Fashionable Cursive English Name Gold Necklace – Israel Center of Judaica

Fashionable Cursive English Name Gold NecklaceIf you like cursive, you can get your name written in English, too. English name necklaces also have a lot of significance. A lot of communities actually started wearing name necklaces as a statement. People who had unusual or foreign names that were deemed hard to pronounce wore personalized necklaces to draw attention to their names, pointing out that they were proud of them. Boldly wearing your Hebrew name is a powerful reminder of your own dedication to your heritage.

Whether you’re wearing a name necklace as a statement or because you like the style, the cursive English name necklace is a timeless design that can be worn every day.

6.   Double Name Special Gold Necklace – Israel Center of Judaica

Double Name Special Gold NecklaceIf you like the idea of both an English and a Hebrew name necklace, but can’t choose which one, don’t worry – you don’t have to! With the double name necklace, you can go for both. Whether you want to write your personal name in both Hebrew and English, or want to include both your secular name and your Hebrew name if you have one, this necklace lets you do either.


7.   Full Hebrew Name Classic Gold Necklace


Full Hebrew Name Classic Gold NecklaceSimilar to the above, this necklace lets you customize with up to two names. This is fitting for people with middle or Hebrew names, but is also a great option for customers who want to include their surname in their name necklace. If someone you know has recently changed their family name, for example after getting married, this pendant is a really thoughtful gift idea to commemorate the occasion as a Jewish wedding gift.


8.   Personalized Silver Jerusalem Necklace


Personalized Silver Jerusalem NecklaceThis necklace is a stunning way to keep Jerusalem close to your heart, both literally and symbolically.  The design combines your personalizable name with a delicate silver portrait of the Holy City of Jerusalem. This option is unique and extremely meaningful. The modern and minimalistic design could work on men as well as women. Consider choosing this pendant to commemorate a trip to Israel, especially if it was a trip with extra significance, such as a first visit or visit for a wedding or bar mitzvah.

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9.   Personalized Folding Heart Gold Pendant

Personalized Folding Heart Gold Pendant These folding heart pendants incorporate the personalized name element in a more subtle and private way. The name is delicately embossed on the body of the pendant, just below the heart.

Some customers also opt to personalize them with a word that’s meaningful to them. In the example photo, the customer actually chose to have the word ‘‘mother’ inscribed, making this pendant a wonderful option to give as a Mothers’ Day Gift, or for a mother’s birthday.  You can also get this one without a chain and add it to a charm bracelet or a necklace that you already have. It’s totally up to you.

In Summary

People with Hebrew names are lucky to have them. They are signifiers of identity and tradition, and often come from the ancient stories of the Bible that have been handed down through generations for thousands of years. Name necklaces combine stylishness and current trends with this heritage to make a truly timeless piece. Whether you’re looking for your next signature item that can only be yours, or whether you’re looking for a gift to help someone you love take pride in their name, take inspiration from our list to find the right design.

A popular option to show your name in humble and unique way is one of our stylish initial personalized necklaces

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Name necklaces are timeless pieces of jewelry that leave an everlasting impression. They fit every look and are personal and unique.
Both are very stylish, gold is much more expensive than silver, however, silver allows you to wear your favorite jewelry in style with relatively budget-friendly prices.
A named necklace will make the necklace feel something personal and unique to you. By gifting personalized necklaces, you are letting your loved ones know how much you appreciate them.

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