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Birth & Brit Mila

Buy a Beautiful Brit Milah Gift Online

The arrival of a baby boy is a special event for any family. You can welcome the newborn and celebrate his Brit Milah with a unique gift of fine Judaica from Jerusalem. Any of the Israeli Center of Judaica items will last a lifetime and can be set aside for when the baby becomes an adult. Most people prefer to buy toys like Dreidel, personalized miniature ‘Yeled Tov’ cups, silver spoons for good luck, or even traditional  handcrafted amulets for protection against the evil eye.

The parents of baby girls needn’t feel left out. Our boutique range of hanukkah Dreidels has plenty of colorful toys that are ideal for boys and girls. We also have some great educational Dreidels decorated with the letters of the alphabet, as well as spinning tops shaped like realistic cars and trains.

Buy personalized Brit Milah and Baby Gifts

When grandparents, other relatives or family friends buy a gift for a newborn baby it is a deeply personal gesture. We’ll be delighted to customize any item of fine Judaica with a personal message, blessing, charm or personal motif. Options include, engraving and etching, custom filigree, and ornamentation with gems and semi precious stones like Israeli amethysts, pink onyx and lapis.

Contact us to request a custom Brit Milah or baby gift, or to commission an item of Judaica.

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