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Art Your Name

Welcome to Art Your Name, our unique section that lets you literally Art your name, play with designs, colors and materials to create the most unique personal present for yourself or a close friend.

You are free to personalize a name, initials or whatever you like in many of our special designs! From colorful enameled necklaces to classic-minimalist rings, we have a jewelry for anyone! So wait no further and go create the most unique jewelry!

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Showing 1–24 of 337 results

Art Your Name


ICOJ is taking personalized Jewish jewelry to a new level with Art Your Name. Our Jerusalem based designers are creating one of the world’s most exciting collections of handmade name jewelry in both Hebrew and English scripts. Art Your Name lets you choose from dozens of styles and materials – or commission a unique custom designed item of name jewelry. 


What is Name Jewelry? 

Name jewelry is any jewelry that features your name as the main form of decoration. Most handmade name jewelry comes in different styles of necklaces or identity bracelets, but 14kt gold rings featuring the wearer’s initials are also very popular. If you want to tell the world exactly who you are, name jewelry is the most stylish way to do it. 


A lot of people are surprised to learn that Art Your Name jewelry is actually a form of Judaica. The fashion for name jewelry grew out of the popularity of modern Jewish jewelry and is now a distinctive style in its own right. 


Who Wears Art Your Name Jewelry? 

All kinds of people wear name jewelry. Anybody who loves modern designer jewelry (and some traditional Jewish jewelry styles) can wear name jewelry. The 2023 online collection at ICOJ has everything from brash colorful bling to elegant gold necklaces in handcrafted cursive script. Art Your Name is inspired by all kinds of modern jewelry styles, and older silversmithing and goldsmithing traditions. 


You’ll see teenage girls wearing Art Your Name necklaces at a Bat Mitzvah party, and executives in a boardroom with their own style of handmade name necklaces. Art Your Name has something for everyone. Personalized name jewelry is a wonderful gift – or a great way to spoil yourself!


Handmade Art Your Name Jewelry Styles


There are really no limits to the styles that our Jerusalem jewelry designers can create, but most of the 2023 Art Your Name collection falls into six broad categories. If you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, give us a call and we’ll design it for you. 



Colored Enamel Decoration


Some name jewelry is designed for elegance and subtlety, but most of the collection definitely counts as fun jewelry. Our jewelers use a special enameling technique to decorate the necklaces, bracelets and rings with all kinds of bright colors. Most people want name jewelry that stands out and attracts attention. The shiny enameling is robust and hard wearing and will keep its shine for a lifetime. 


When you order custom designed name jewelry, you can choose your own colors. Our jewelers will take your choice of precious metal and add a colored background. They can add letters, initials, or your name in another color. They can also inlay an engraving or stamping. Although our enameling techniques use the latest jewelers technology, we can apply precision enameling to traditional jewelry designs. 

Hebrew Name Necklaces & Bracelets


Hebrew name necklaces and bracelets are especially popular as a Bat Mitzvah gift. They celebrate the moment that a teenage girl makes a formal connection and commitment to her Jewish heritage and culture. Many non-observant girls love to wear a beautiful item of personal jewelry that expresses their ‘Jewish side’. 


Hebrew name necklaces either use a flowing cursive script (basically Hebrew handwriting) or easy to read capital letters.  Classic Hebrew name necklaces are available in 925 sterling silver, as well as yellow gold and rose gold. A Hebrew name necklace or identity bracelet is also a special souvenir of a trip to Israel. If you’re in Jerusalem, you’re welcome to come and visit us! 


English Name Necklaces & Bracelets


English name necklaces & bracelets are available in similar styles to our jewelry with Hebrew script. They are also handmade from 925 sterling silver, yellow gold and rose gold. All the precious metals look amazing, but rose gold is possibly the best metal for name necklaces. Its soft pink warmth adds a special touch to what’s already a deeply personal item of jewelry. 


English name necklaces and bracelets are made to the same high standards as their Hebrew counterparts by our Israeli designers. There’s a choice of small letters and capital letters with a range of handwriting and fonts. The necklaces also come with different styles and thicknesses of chain, ranging from slender to chunky. 


Customized Name Rings


Customized name rings can either feature your initials, the first letter of your name, or even your entire first name. The longer your name, the bigger the challenge for our jewelers, but you’ll be amazed at their skill and ingenuity. We have all kinds of rings, but the name decorations come in two main styles. The first is an engraving or stamping along the circumference of the band. The second is a raised design (usually an individual letter) on the crown of the band. 


Love Heart Name Jewelry


Love heart name jewelry is a popular romantic gift, but several designs are also ideal for Bat Mitzvah and birthday gifts. They’re a great way for parents and grandparents to show their love on a special occasion. Love heart jewelry combines a red love heart with letters or a name. The red love heart is handcrafted from a precious metal and then inlaid with red enamel. The letters or script can also be inlaid with colored enamel, creating a distinctive contrast and a stylish look. 


Whatever style of jewelry you love, all handcrafted letters, and stampings and engravings, can be enhanced with brightly colored enamel inlay. The effect of the enamel inlay is striking and creates a bold and eye-catching look. Letters, initials and names can be designed with either Hebrew or English script. We can usually also handcraft letters from other alphabets – just tell us your requirements!






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