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Menucha Yankelevitch

An artistic tribute and celebration of the City of Jerusalem

Menucha Yankelevitch is a talented and versatile painter whose style is impossible to define. It’s easier to recognise him simply as the Painter of Jerusalem. The ancient city at the heart of modern Israel is his abiding love, constant inspiration – and the subject of most of his art.  Menucha Yankelevitch is a Jerusalemite whose ancestors lived in the city for generations. 

Artists rarely have such a profoundly beautiful source of inspiration to draw upon. 

Yankelevitch sees Jerusalem through the eyes of a painter and perhaps a mystic. He knows and understands the city in ways that others never will, but shares that profound understanding with us through his paintings.

 “ As a Jerusalemite for generations, my paintings travel through her with longing and love, looking at the city and its alleys or beyond. In its beauty and glory, in its desolation and destruction.”

Yankelevitch paints in oils, acrylics, pastels, and in a variety of traditional, abstract and modern styles. He is one of the very few artists with a range of works that can appeal to almost all art lovers. As well as painting the holy city of Jerusalem, Menucha Yankelevitch explores wider aspects of Jewish history and tradition, and then surprises us with stunning portrayals of natural themes and modern urban landscapes.

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