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Unique Silver Kiddush Cup with Amethyst Stones

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Modern & unique sterling silver Kiddush cup. With a raised rim and a beautiful, simple design around the rim. Hand-carved flowing floral decorative elements are placed around the leg, each with a semi-precious stone in its center for a pop of color. Which reflects off the plate and the Kiddush cup you place atop the silver plate. Versatile silver cup, Beautiful gift for Shabbat, Holidays, a wedding, or special occasion.

Materials: 925 Sterling Silver, 14K Solid Gold Plated Inside, Natural Amethyst Stones, Plate Measurements
Weight: 128 gr
Height: 1″ (2.54 cm)
Width: 6″ (15.24 cm)

Kiddush Cup Measurements
Weight: 178 gr
Height: 4.5″ (11.5 cm)
Width: 2.75″ (9.6 cm)

Total Weight: 306 gr

Avi Nadav

World-renowned silversmith, artist, and Judaica expert Avi Nadav was born to his art. He is the descendent of more than four generations of traditional Yemenite craftsmen. The family was part of Yemen’s ancient Jewish community where they were respected silversmiths, and experts in the intricate art of decorative Yemenite filigree. Avi’s grandfather brought the family to Israel and settled in Jerusalem. They continued to work as master craftsmen, establishing the ancient Judaica techniques in modern Israel.  Avi Nadav learned to craft fine Judaica from his father and grandfather. As Avi mastered the subtleties of traditional craftsmanship, he also absorbed exciting modern influences from the thriving Israeli art scene. As he began to travel outside Israel, he also gained inspiration from several other cultures and styles. Avi Nadav pioneered the use of materials like anodized aluminum and other modern methods, breathing new life into the world of Judaica, and inspiring a new generation of buyers and collectors.  Today, Avi Nadav is a world- renowned producer of fine Judaica. He owns over 5,000 unique designs and is still constantly innovating and exploring new styles. Avi is committed to preserving ancient traditional techniques and immaculate standards. Under his direction, the Israeli Center of Judaica provides an unbroken link to the past. He also embraces new concepts, iconoclastic designs, and bold modern interpretations of Jewish tradition and history. 
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Unique Silver Kiddush Cup with Amethyst Stones
Unique Silver Kiddush Cup with Amethyst Stones



Unique Silver Kiddush Cup with Amethyst Stones

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