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The 10 Best Jewish Paintings

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The 19th century marked a crucial time for several Jewish painters. This time witnessed the inception of a generation of outstanding contemporary painters all over Europe. This reality came as a result of changes in the law that happened towards the end of the century. Jewish paintings were soon introduced to the world after then, and people began to see the phenomenal essence of these works.

Jewish paintings still serve as references for inspiration and admiration for several people worldwide. The fleeing, which happened in the early and mid-20th century, made the vision of Europe and the United States in these paintings broader and more profound. As a result, in this guide, we present 10 of the best Jewish paintings. So come with us as we take you on this journey.

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Western Wall (Kotel) Painting on Glass by Jean Pierre Weill

Western Wall (Kotel) Painting on Glass by Jean Pierre WeillBehold the astounding Western Wall (Kotel) Painting on Glass, a thought-provoking piece that reminds us of the human connection’s superficial yet deep essence. The Western Wall, which some also regard as the Kotel, shows that notwithstanding our differences as individuals, there’s a shared past and future that unites us as a nation.

With width and height measured at both 10 cm, the Western Wall Painting on Glass is a brilliant and astounding art piece. It could serve as a Father’s Day or Mother’s Day gift. It also helps fulfill the purpose of a Jewish wedding present.

Asking Price: $59


Abstract Art Of Joy – Hasidim Dance Painting by Gitty Fuchs

Abstract Art Of Joy - Hasidim Dance Painting Another breathtaking painting is Gitty Fuchs’s Abstract Art Of Joy – Hasidim Dance Painting. This artwork is inspired by the Hasidic dance, which takes the shape of a circle. This phenomenon has its roots in the Hasidic philosophy that “everyone is equal, each being a link in the chain, the circle having no front or rear, no beginning or ending.” Hasidic dancing has broadly inspired Jewish holiday festivities and has been the foundation and muse for ballet choreography with Jewish themes.

The Abstract Art Of Joy – Hasidim Dance Painting comes in different dimensions, from small to large. Its original height and width are 97cm and 90cm, respectively. This cultural artwork is available in various sizes and is the perfect gift for several occasions.

Asking Price: $680 – $4,250


Abstract At The Kotel in Grey painting by Gitty Fuchs

Abstract At The Kotel in Grey painting The third painting on this list is Abstract at the Kotel in Grey. An overwhelming flow of yearning created from unrecognizable individuals, indistinct stones, and uneven lines brings Jerusalem closer through this artwork. The painting is also bathed in a divine presence that bestows its good tidings on those who pray near it and with it.

The Abstract At The Kotel in Grey painting comes in different types and sizes. Its original size has a width and height of 75cm and 120cm. You can use this painting as a gift for bar mitzvahs, Mother’s Day, and weddings, to name a few occasions.

Asking Price: $714 – $2,720

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Hasidim Dance Blue, white & Gold painting by Gitty Fuchs

Hasidim Dance Blue, white & Gold painting The famous Hasidic dance also inspires this one! The Hasidim Dance Blue, white & Gold painting is a brilliant abstract artwork featuring themes of the past, the afterlife, and nature. It expresses how the Hasidim begin their dancing, going from a slow pace to a faster one until they attain spiritual ecstasy.

The original form of the thought-provoking Hasiddim Dance Blue, white & Gold painting has width and height dimensions of 85 cm and 130 cm, respectively.

Asking Price: $714 – $4,675

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Hasidic Jew Praying Western Wall Oil Painting by Avi Ohayon

Hasidic Jew Praying Western Wall Oil Painting Are you searching for artwork that celebrates the beauty of Judaism? Then, the Hasidic Jew Praying Western Wall Oil Painting is a perfect piece to consider. It perfectly depicts the beauty and peace of the revered Kotel or Western Wall. You can hang this artwork in your home or office room to gain a sense of style and sophistication from it. Additionally, it’s an excellent topic for conversation.

Measuring from 0.6 to 1.1 kilograms in weight, the small-sized Hasidic Jew Praying Western Wall Oil Painting is 10 to 20 cm in height and 8 cm in width. On the other hand, the big one is 12 to 30 cm in size and 12 cm in width.

Asking Price: $81 – $102


Beautiful “Truth” 3D Painting by Jean Pierre Weill

Beautiful "Truth" 3D PaintingThis artwork brilliantly depicts how truth is the sole sustainable method for leading a whole and connected life. Not only does this painting boldly has the letters of the Hebrew word for truth – “אמת” – “Emet”, standing solidly on two legs, but it also expresses the Aleph Bet from the first letter – Aleph – to the final note – Tav.

The Beautiful “Truth” 3D Painting is a simple and hilarious interpretation of this powerful saying. The width and height of this piece are both 10 cm. This painting could be a great gift for a variety of occasions, from Jewish weddings to housewarmings.

Asking Price: $59 (down from $69)


Beis HaMikdash painting by Gitty Fuchs

Beis HaMikdash painting Specially painted with neutral colors combined and enhanced with various tones of pink, the Beis HaMikdash painting tells the story of the Beit Hamikdash’s environment, architecture, and spiritual past. In addition, this artwork shows how Judaism has developed ways to commemorate the downfall of the second Beit Hamikdash while subtly shifting its function.

Available in various types and sizes, the original Beis HaMikdash painting measures 120 cm and 100 cm in height, and width, respectively.

Asking Price: $714 – $3,570


Bethlehem Landscape Rustic Oil Painting and Home Décor by Avi Ohayon

Bethlehem Landscape Rustic Oil Painting and Home Décor Bethlehem Landscape Rustic Oil Painting and Home Décor is a stunning artwork that shows the “Tomb of Rachel” displayed on a Jerusalem stone. The scene depicts Rachel’s grave, one of Judaism’s most significant historical characters, situated close to Bethlehem.

It is a beautiful and distinctive touch to your home or business decor. The “Tomb of Rachel” oil painting weighs from 0.6 to 1.1 kilograms. Its dimensions include a width of 10 cm and a height of 20 cm for a miniature-sized version. Its larger counterpart has a width of 12 cm and a height of 30 cm.

Asking Price: $81 – $102


A Couple Pauses During an Afternoon Stroll – Unique 3D Painting on Glass by Jean Pierre Weill

A Couple Pauses During an Afternoon Stroll - Unique 3D Painting on Glass byIt’s safe to say that this artwork speaks for itself. Expressing the raw beauty of love and its experiences, this painting shows a couple during their afternoon promenade as they stop to look over the lake at a ferry and the vibrant metropolis beyond. Then they lean inward, needing nothing more than the quiet security of each other’s company. This painting would make a nice gift for a wedding or anniversary.

It has a width dimension of 22 cm while standing at 26 cm in height.

Asking Price: $135 (Down from $159)

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
When Jews make paintings, they can also be referred to as “Jewish.” Throughout history, Jewish artists have been created in a variety of styles. In addition, Judaism played a significant role in the art of some artists, such as Marc Chagall. But while some experts claim that not all paintings made by Jews can be necessarily called Jewish paintings, others maintain a neutral stand, saying that when a Jew draws a painting, it can be called a Jewish painting.
Jewish paintings are an essential and unique form of representation and expression in Judaism. These art forms can be traced back to Bezalel in the Bible, who was given the task of building the Tabernacle in the wilderness by God. Jewish visual arts have since developed, reflecting the influence of their travels worldwide. These paintings also helped remind Jews which way to focus their prayers and ultimately served as a means for them to express their folk piety.
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