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The 10 Best Silver Dreidels for Hanukkah Buying Guide

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Hanukkah for Kids

Hanukkah for Kids Hanukkah is a traditional Jewish holiday that is a big favorite with kids. Children love the nightly ritual of lighting the Hanukkah menorah or hanukiah. Gatherings of family and friends are usually accompanied by tasty holiday foods like sufganiyot or jam donuts and latkes. In the past, Ashkenazi Jews often celebrated Hanukkah with delicious roast goose.

One of the best known Hanukkah traditions is dreidels or spinning tops. Kids have played with dreidels for hundreds of years and enlivened the candle lighting with fun games. The beauty of dreidels is in their simplicity. Spinning a dreidel is a game of chance that requires no special skills or dexterity. Even the smallest kids can take part.

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Adults often like to collect their favorite childhood toys. Ebay and other sites are full of Star Wars toys and memorabilia and there’s a huge second hand market for childhood favorites like baseball cards, GI Joe figures, and pretty much every other kind of toy that had a major impact on peoples’ childhoods. It’s exactly the same with dreidels.

Handmade dreidels are a bestselling item of Judaica that are prized by adult collectors. Many people who buy dreidels online are nostalgic for the hours of fun they had playing with dreidels as kids. Others want to buy dreidels for their kids and grandkids to play with, and keep the Hanukkah traditions alive. Serious Judaica collectors buy handmade silver dreidels for their inherent beauty, and to celebrate Jewish cultural history.

What is a Hanukkah Dreidel?

A Hanukkah dreidel is a spinning top. People have been playing games of chance with spinning tops for thousands of years. Like dice, they are easy to make and simple to play with.

A traditional dreidel is either round or four sided, each side is inscribed with a Hebrew letter. The four dreidel letters and their meanings are very simple and determine the outcome of each turn of the game.


SideLetter NameHebrew LetterHebrew Word

When players spin the dreidel, one of the sides will finish face up. The letter decides whether the player will add coins or tokens to the common put, or win some or all of the pot. The game of spinning a dreidel is simple, fast moving, and a lot of fun. It’s one of those special games that everybody from the smallest kids to old people can really enjoy.

How to Buy Hanukkah Dreidels Online?

In the run up to the next Hanukkah, there’s a surge of interest in dreidels and Hanukkah menorahs. People across the US want to buy dreidels online, either as Hanukkah gifts, or for their own Judaica collections. There are some amazing handmade dreidels for sale online in the ICOJ boutique collection.

All our Hanukkah dreidels are handmade in Israel by some of the country’s most talented silversmiths and designers. They come in a range of traditional and modern styles and all kinds of materials. When you bring a handmade dreidel to the candle lighting, you will make this Hanukkah a holiday to remember. Check out the 10 best dreidels for Hanukkah in the ICOJ online collection!

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10 Best Dreidels for Hanukkah

1. Handmade Silver Dreidel with Yemenite Filigree

Silver Dreidel with Yemenite Filigree Jerusalem silversmith Shoham Simchi has created a stunning silver dreidel, blending an Ashkenazi design with traditional Yemenite silver filigree work. The spinning top uses a design based on the spokes of a wheel that branch out from the handle. The 925 sterling silver is crafted into swirling symmetrical patterns and decorated with intricate silver filigree work. The traditional Hebrew lettering of נגהש are handcrafted from the same sterling silver bullion and fixed in place with sophisticated silver solder techniques.

Shoham Simchi has succeeded in creating a beautiful item of collectible Judaica that is robust enough to be used as a kids toy every Hanukkah. Your children and grandchildren can spin this amazing silver dreidel for hours. It’s a great way to teach them the ancient Hanukkah traditions – and give them an early insight into the beauty of Jewish art and craftsmanship.

This is a superb item of traditional Judaica that is ideal as a Hanukkah gift or as a prized addition to a personal Judaica collection!

2.  Silver and Enamel Hanukkah Dreidel

Silver and Enamel Hanukkah Dreidel Avi Nadav is arguably the master craftsman of modern Judaica. The Jerusalem silversmith has pioneered exciting enamel inlay techniques. He loves to add brightly colored enamel decorations to some of his finest silverware. This beautiful modern dreidel combines a silver wave design with multicolored enamel panels. Kids will love this eye-catching dreidel for its bright colors. Adults will love it for the quality of the silversmithing and the perfect proportions.

The silver and enamel dreidel by Avi Nadav captures the fun spirit of Hanukkah. When Avi was a child, his family played with dreidels every Hanukkah in Jerusalem. He’s taken those childhood memories and designed a handmade dreidel that will delight kids everywhere. As well as being a superb example of modern designer Judaica, this dreidel is a robust toy that will bring hours of pleasure every Hanukkah.

If you’re looking for a modern dreidel that is handmade in Jerusalem, we recommend the silver and enamel dreidel by Avi Nadav. The whole family will love it!

3. Klezmer Design Silver Hanukkah Dreidel

Klezmer Design Silver Hanukkah Dreidel Shoham Simchi continues his exploration of the Klezmer theme with this stunning Hanukkah dreidel. His Klezmer Hanukkah menorah is already an online bestseller and the Klezmer dreidel is the perfect accompaniment. The Klezmer dreidel is handmade in Israel and features a beautifully crafted musician standing at the center of a spinning top. The lifelike fiddler is actually the handle of the dreidel.

The base of the dreidel is decorated with swirling silver filigree work, and the traditional Hebrew letters נגהש in silver solder. Shoham Simchi adds a special touch of color to the Klezmer dreidel in the form of semi precious stones. When you buy the Klezmer dreidel online, you can specify a choice of the following gems:

  • Agate stone – Blue or green
  • Amethyst stone – Purple
  • Karniol stone – Orange
  • Sodalite stone – Blue
  • Onyx stone – Black
  • Gaspar stone – Brown/natural

Our Jerusalem silversmiths and artisans take pleasure in adding extra personal touches to any item of fine Judaica. Talk to us if you want to buy a personalized Klezmer dreidel, or any other customized Judaica.

Order Personalized Klezmer Judaica from our Jerusalem workshops

See an amazing Klezmer painting by Israeli artist Gitty Fuchs

4.  Miniature Handmade Hanukkah Dreidel

Miniature Handmade Hanukkah Dreidel Small is beautiful! This unique miniature dreidel is truly exceptional. It measures just 34mm x 16 mm and weighs only 15 grams. Its tiny size makes the quality of the silver decoration all the more remarkable. The dreidel – which is a fully functional toy – is covered in delicate silver wire lacework and silver filigree patterns. It even has the four Hebrew letters נגהש that are the mark of a genuine Hanukkah dreidel.

If you’re looking for a special ornament, or an unusual gift for a Judaica collector, the miniature silver dreidel could be the ideal present. It is perfectly proportioned in every way and spins true. If you want to buy several dreidels as gifts for all your kids or grandkids, a set of miniatures is a convenient solution.

The miniature silver dreidel is a functional toy that’s robust enough to bring out and play with every Hanukkah. Due to its small size, we don’t recommend it for very young children.

5. Delicate Flower Shaped Silver Dreidel

Delicate Flower Shaped Silver Dreidel This wonderful flower shaped silver dreidel looks delicate, but is easily strong enough to be used as a Hanukkah toy! The flower design is handcrafted from 925 sterling silver in a traditional Jewish workshop. Each petal is handmade from silver wire, expertly wrought into shape by Israel jeweler Shoham Simchi. The natural effect is completed with traditional Yemenite filigree work.

The flower shaped Hanukkah dreidel will look amazing in your display cabinet at home, but it is also a toy. The dreidel was designed to bring pleasure to children and adults alike. We hope it will be at the center of your annual hanukkah celebrations! The flower dreidel is a wonderful example of traditional Jewish silverwork and is a special gift for any family with young children.

Although the flower design is highly intricate and finely crafted, it’s easy to clean the 925 sterling silver and bring it to a high polish before each year’s holidays.

6.  Flat Silver Dreidel Toy

Flat Silver Dreidel Toy This unusual silver dreidel uses a design that’s almost like a playing card to display the Hebrew letters נגהש. The flat surface is bordered with layers of fine silver wire and swirling silver filigree. Each Hebrew letter is handcrafted and attached with super-strong silver solder. You can spin this superb dreidel non-stop, and it will still last a lifetime.

The quality of the flat silver dreidel is outstanding. The intricate silver ornamentation glitters from every angle and the underside and cylindrical base are as finely crafted and decorated as the top. This handmade dreidel is an unconventional work of art, but may in fact be similar to some of the handmade wooden dreidels that were made for children throughout history.

You can buy this special silver dreidel online at ICOJ. it’s the perfect small gift to bring to a Hanukkah candle lighting, or to surprise a Judaica collector with!

7.  Handmade Yemenite Style Dreidel

Handmade Yemenite Style Dreidel Some of the most beautiful items of handmade Israeli Judaica incorporate traditional Yemenite designs. Many of Jerusalem’s best-known silversmithing families are of Yemenite heritage and preserve the ancient silver working techniques. The amazing Yemenite style dreidel uses fine silver filigree to create a lifelike floral design. The flowerlike toy fits snugly in the palm of your hand.

You’ll be amazed at how the spinning dreidel catches the light and glitters. It’s designed as a functional toy and the stem-like handle allows fast spins. Whichever way it falls, the dreidel will show one of its Hebrew letters. Your family can play with this handmade silver dreidel for hours – and it will never lose its charm. The dreidel is based on a traditional Ashkenazi toy that originated in Germany, but the style is purely eastern. This is Yemenite silver work at its finest!

8. Box-Shaped Dreidel with Yemenite Filigree

Box-Shaped Dreidel with Yemenite Filigree This finely crafted box shaped dreidel also features traditional Yemenite silver filigree work. Each panel of the dreidel is decorated with fine silver wire, wrought into swirling Middle Eastern designs. Many people claim that the Yementie silversmithing styles are the closest modern equivalents to the work of the ancient Israelites. The overall effect is stunning, especially when you spin the dreidel in the hanukkah candlelight!

As with all the Hanukkah dreidels on sale at ICOJ, this handmade silver dreidel is a functioning toy. It’s robust enough for your kids or grandkids to play with, and you can easily restore its pristine shine. If you love Yemenite silver filigree work, you’ll never tire of looking at this unique handmade Hanukkah toy. The box shaped dreidel is recommended as a Hanukkah gift, or as a collectors item.

9.   Handmade Silver Besamim Box Dreidel

Handmade Silver Besamim Box Dreidel Jerusalem jeweler Shoham Simchi has taken a traditional besamim box design and reinvented it as a Hanukkah dreidel. He’s used his outstanding skill at Yemenite silver filigree work to create a superb item of traditional Judaica. Literally every part of the dreidel – base and top – is decorated with swirls of silver wire. Shoham combines flowing geometric patterns with natural flowerlike designs.

The besamim box design is straight out of a traditional havdalah set, but it really works as a Hanukkah dreidel. The handmade toy spins perfectly on its silver base and falls to display a clearly crafted Hebrew letter (either Shin, Nun, Gimel or Hei). This is one of the single most beautifully and intricately decorated items of Judaica in the entire online collection at ICOJ. It is a genuine work of art!

Buy Besamim Boxes and Havdalah sets online at ICOJ

10.  Handmade Yemenite Ball Dreidel

Handmade Yemenite Ball Dreidel Nothing spins quite like a globe, which is the shape of this handmade dreidel from Israel. The two-piece ball is handcrafted from 925 sterling silver. The original silver bullion is twisted into thin silver wire and then painstakingly wrought and crafted into Yemenite silver filigree work. This ball shaped Hanukkah dreidel is exquisitely designed and truly beautiful to look at. However, it isn’t simply a valuable ornament – it’s a traditional Hanukkah toy that’s designed to be played with!

Four Hebrew letters – נגהש – are flawlessly silver soldered onto the surface of the round dreidel. The ball shaped dreidel is an amazing example of old fashioned Yemenite silversmithing, but it’s also a wonderful Hanukkah toy!

Celebrate Hanukkah in Style

A gift of Hanukkah Judaica will make this year’s celebrations extra special. Nothing beats gathering around the lit candles on a cold winter’s evening, spinning dreidels with the kids, and feasting on holiday treats like sufganiyot and latkes!

If you want to buy dreidels, or Hanukkah menorahs (hanukiahs) it’s recommended to order well before the holidays start. You’ll also have plenty of time if you want to order a customized item, or personalize your gift with a blessing or dedication.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A dreidel is a four-sided spinning top that is traditionally used to play a popular Hanukkah game. Each side of the dreidel is marked with a Hebrew letter, and players bet on which letter will be facing up when the dreidel comes to a stop.
The Hebrew letters on a dreidel are nun, gimel, hey, and shin. These letters stand for the phrase “nes gadol haya sham” or “nes gadol haya poh” which means “a great miracle happened there,” referring to the miracle of the oil that burned for eight days in the Temple during the Hanukkah story.
During Hanukkah, it is traditional to play a game with a dreidel, usually using chocolate coins or other small treats as betting chips. Each player takes a turn spinning the dreidel and following the instructions based on the letter that the dreidel lands on. This game is often played with family and friends during Hanukkah celebrations.

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