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The 5 Best Etrog Boxes

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If you want to buy a beautiful handmade etrog box, you need to avoid poor quality mass produced Judaica. Check out the 5 best etrog boxes that are handcrafted from 925 sterling silver by some of Israel’s most talented silversmiths!

As well as featuring the 5 best etrog boxes, we’ll take a look at the Sukkot custom of etrog, how etrog boxes are made. We’ll also show you how to buy the very best etrog boxes online, and get a great deal. You’ll be amazed at the quality of these amazing items of fine Judaica – and the thousands of years of Jewish history and traditions that they represent. 

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The History of Etrog Boxes

All Judaica products are first and foremost functional items that fulfill an actual need. Even the most stunning, jewel encrusted works of art are designed for practical use. Menorahs and Shabbat candlesticks were created to provide light, besamim boxes contain spices and Torah pointers are useful study aids. Etrog boxes were originally made to perform a simple and practical function – to protect expensive ritual etrog fruits.

Why Do We Use Etrog at Sukkot?

The etrog fruit is part of the citron family and many etrog look like knobbly lemons. Etrog is one of the four species mentioned in the Bible and Talmudic tradition. Along with myrtle and willow branches, and date palm fronds, etrog is a part of the daily Sukkot rituals that have been observed for centuries. Sukkot is partly a harvest festival and partly a commemoration of the Israelites time in the wilderness. Natural themes are a big part of the Jewish holiday.

Our earliest Jewish ancestors lived close to the land. Even the famous biblical cities were mostly small rural towns by modern standards. The annual harvests were vital to the survival of each community and even religiously mandated holidays often had their origins in earlier harvest and agricultural rituals. The ancient Biblical landscape was dotted with fields, orchards and flocks. Possibly each community had its own etrog trees. 

Thousands of years later, we still use the etrog fruit as part of Sukkot celebrations. If you follow Talmudic traditions closely, you’ll need to ensure that your etrog fruit remains intact. If the parts of the fruit around the stem are broken off or damaged, it will no longer be kosher for Sukkot. The traditional way to preserve etrog fruits for the holiday is to wrap them carefully in silky flax leaves and keep them in a special etrog box. 

What is a Sukkot Etrog Box? 

An etrog box is simply any box that contains a ritual etrog fruit. There are no religious rules about the form or style that an etrog box must take. If you wanted, you could use an old pickle jar or a tupperware container and call it an etrog box. It would be perfectly acceptable from a ritual perspective. During hard times, people always made do with whatever they had to hand – but were also driven by the urge to decorate and beautify their ritual and household items. 

Over the centuries we developed a tradition of fine Judaica, and Jewish silversmiths created a variety of regional and individual styles. They continued the ancient Judaica traditions that go all the way back to the beautiful ritual items and exquisite decorations of the first two Temples in Jerusalem. These were influenced in turn by the Greek and Roman cultures that arrived with waves of occupiers. Generations of artisans and silversmiths also adopted local styles that they encountered in the Diaspora during the last two thousand years.

Modern Judaica artists like Avi Nadav draw on their own family silversmithing traditions, and a range of global influences when they create fine Judaica like etrog boxes. Contemporary Jerusalem silversmiths are also inspired by recent archaeological and historical discoveries that are giving them new insights into ancient Israelite craftsmanship. 21st century etrog boxes draw on a huge range of influences and you can find every style, from Biblical Judaica to 21st century minimalism. 

Sukkot etrog boxes can even resemble the famous Fabergé eggs that were prized by European royalty, or can take the form of square hinged boxes. Decorations include silver solder, silver stamping with colored enamel inlay, sukkot images like lulavs (date palm fronds) and holiday blessings engraved into the 925 sterling silver. The most luxurious etrog boxes are decorated with semi-precious stones and gems. Polished Israeli amethysts are a popular choice of gemstone. 

5 Best Etrog Boxes for Sukkot

When you buy handmade silver etrog boxes online, your choice of box will be influenced by several factors. There are three main reasons why people buy etrog boxes:

  1. A special gift for a Sukkot host
  2. A wedding or housewarming gift
  3. An addition to a personal Judaica collection

ICOJ has a full range of handmade silver etrog boxes in its 2022 boutique collection and there is a full choice of styles – traditional and modern – as well as boxes to suit every budget. Whether you’re looking for an elegant small gift, or want to invest in a future family heirloom, you’ll love the 5 best etrog boxes for Sukkot. 

Top 5 Sterling Silver Etrog Boxes

There are some truly exquisite handmade silver etrog boxes in the ICOJ boutique collection and it’s not easy to say which is actually the best. They all display different aspects of the silversmith’s special art and unique skills. They also showcase a variety of precious metals, gemstones and artistic styles. Any of the Top 5 sterling silver etrog boxes could arguably be the best – it all comes down to personal taste and individual preference!

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1. Sterling Silver Etrog Box with Colored Enamel

Sterling Silver Etrog Box with Colored Enamel This is a truly beautiful etrog box that captures the essence of the Sukkot holiday and the etrog ritual. Renowned Jerusalem silversmith Avi Nadav has created a traditional silver box and transformed it with meticulously handcrafted Sukkot decorations. He used all his skill and experience as a silversmith to create a lifelike figure wearing a tallit and kippah, and holding lulav and etrog. The tiny man is wrought from 925 sterling silver and set against a background of multicolored enamel inlay. The effect is stunning!

This amazing etrog box has more silver solder decorations in the form of finely wrought palm trees, complete with enamel inlays. The lid is hinged and the interior of the etrog box is gold plated for an extra touch of luxury, and to prevent any tarnishing. We recommend this unique sterling silver etrog box either as a special collector’s item, or as a wedding gift. It is a once in a lifetime purchase, and you are unlikely to find another etrog box of comparable quality. This etrog box is a genuine work of art and is one of the finest examples of top Jerusalem silversmithing.

2. Fabergé Inspired Sterling Silver Etrog Box

filigree Sterling Silver Etrog Box The House of Fabergé was famous for its jewel-encrusted works of art, particularly the renowned Fabergé easter eggs that it created for the Russian Tsars. This superb sterling silver etrog box – another unique creation by Avi Nadav – is directly inspired by the most beautiful Fabergé eggs. The etrog box is skillfully crafted into an Eastern ‘egg cup’ design with a base and a lid. The gleaming 925 sterling silver surface is decorated with exquisite silver filigree work and studded with handpicked Israeli amethysts. The decorative silver filigree work draws on traditional Yemenite styles and is perfectly proportioned. 

The idea to blend the iconic Fabergé design with traditional Judaica was a stroke of genius, but it needed expert silversmithing skills to make it work. This is a truly elegant (and slightly mysterious) work of art that will look amazing in any home. As with all contemporary Judaica items, the design is also practical and functional. The Fabergé inspired etrog box isn’t just a luxurious ornament, it will keep your Sukkot etrog safe and ready for the daily four species ritual. This is one of the most elegant and perfectly finished items of Judaica that we’ve seen in recent years. 

3. Citron Fruit Style Silver Etrog Box

Stone Silver Etrog Box This wonderful designer etrog box combines modern minimalism with subtle, natural themed silverwork and an extra touch of luxury in the form of Israeli amethysts. The polished silver egg cup style etrog container is supported by ornate, handcrafted legs. Each tiny leg is decorated with leafy silver solder work and a purple amethyst. The join where the detachable lid meets the base of the box is decorated with swirling silver bands that are handcrafted to resemble leaves. The top of the lid has a lifelike silver stem and citron leaf as a handle. This natural themed sterling silver etrog box captures the spirit of the ancient etrog custom. 

The decorations on the citron fruit style etrog box are superb, but they don’t detract from the quality of the gleaming 925 sterling silver. This is a modern piece of designer Judaica with just a hint of traditional Jewish silversmithing. It’s a luxury item that will attract a lot of interest and admiration and will make a stunning ornament when it’s not in use as an etrog box. If you’re looking for a unique gift for someone who loves beautiful things, this etrog box could be the perfect choice!

4. Designer Silver Etrog Box with Hebrew Blessing

Designer Silver Etrog Box with Hebrew Blessing The designer silver etrog box is one of the finest examples of contemporary Judaica. It is completely minimalist in design and the only decoration is a Hebrew blessing in black enamel inlay and a band of tiny silver beading. The Hebrew words translate as “Pri Etz Hadar” or fruit of the citron tree. The top of the gleaming silver lid has five, finely wrought silver leaves. When you open the two-piece etrog box, you’ll get another surprise. The interior of both pieces is gold plated. The gold plate isn’t just for extra luxury and decorating, it prevents tarnish and keeps the etrog in perfect condition. 

Modern designer Judaica is one of the best selling styles at ICOJ and this stunning silver etrog box is one of the stars of the 2022 collection. We love the contrast between the highly polished 925 sterling silver and the bold black enamel of the Hebrew blessing. If you want to buy this superb silver etrog box, you can talk directly to a Jerusalem designer about personalizing the box. You can request your own choice of colored enamel and discuss other options including custom engraving, or additional decorations. 

5. Sterling Silver Jewelry and Etrog Box

Sterling Silver Jewelry and Etrog Box This 925 sterling silver box is a traditional etrog box, but is also popular as a jewelry box. The old fashioned design is extremely versatile and the box looks stunning in any setting. It’s a great gift because you can guarantee that the recipient will find a practical use for it. The box is handmade in Jerusalem by expert silversmiths and follows a centuries old design. It stands on four tiny legs and is subtly decorated with hammered silver panels, delicate silver filigree work and a warm, gold plated interior. Whether you use it as an etrog box or a jewelry box, this is an item that is fit for an ancient Israelite palace!

The box is hinged and the hinges are cleverly concealed inside the lid. The finish is flawless and the box is a perfect container for your ritual Sukkot etrog. As with all ICOJ items, the design is also functional. All our Judaica products are expected to last for several generations and become family heirlooms. You can use this superb silver box every day, and it is also easy to clean and polish. We recommend the etrog/jewelry box as a wedding or housewarming gift – and also as a unique and original Bat Mitzvah gift. 

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Buy a Personalized Silver Etrog Box

Personalized Silver Etrog Box An etrog box is a special gift for anybody who loves fine Judaica, or who is interested in Jewish customs and traditions. If you are planning to buy an etrog box – either for Sukkot – or as a wedding present, it’s worth thinking about customizing it. Your options will depend on the size and the style of the etrog box itself (a modern design with minimal ornamentation offers more opportunities for custom-decoration). 

ICOJ’s Jerusalem silversmiths and jewelers can always find a way to add a set of initials or a name to an etrog box. They are experts and hand-engraving, silver stamping with colored enamel inlay, and silver solder work. You can request a blessing, dedication, etching, or any other custom-design. If it can be done – they’ll find a way to make it happen!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

An etrog box is a decorative container that is used to store and protect the etrog fruit during the holiday of Sukkot. The etrog is one of the Four Species that are used in the Sukkot holiday rituals, and is also considered a symbol of the harvest.
An etrog box is important because it protects the etrog fruit, which is considered a precious and sacred item during the Sukkot holiday. In addition, an etrog box can be a beautiful and decorative addition to the Sukkot holiday table or home.
When choosing an etrog box for Sukkot, it is important to consider factors such as the style and design of the piece, the size of the box, and the material it is made from. It can also be helpful to choose a box that complements the overall decor and theme of the holiday table.

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Sterling Silver Etrog Box with Colorful Enamel
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