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The History of The Candelabra and The Jewish Candelabra

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A candelabra is an item used to hold candles and the candelabrums are almost always designed to look classy and give a rich feeling to our home. The candelabra has a special spot in the Jewish heritage for its use for the Shabbat candles and most Jewish homes are equipped with at least one candelabra.

The word candelabra originated in the Latin language and originally the term “Candelabra” was used to describe the plural term, and the now English plural term candelabrum was used to describe a singular candelabra.

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Famous Candelabrum Throughout History

­the candelabra has been used for hundreds of years starting as early as 3000 BC to display light and clay-made candelabrum dating back to 400 BC were found by archeologist. Although we have found some ancient candelabrum over the years, not much is known about their use other than for lighting and Jewish ceremonies. Here are a few famous candelabrums that made their mark on the world:

Menorah – The famous Jewish Candelabra

­the menorah might be the most beautiful and famous candelabra in this list for its rich history and the fact it was believed to be made of solid gold. The menorah was used for religious ceremonies in the ancient Jewish temple also known as Beit Hamikdash. It is believed that the menorah was taken away by the romans during a war and the menorah can be seen carved in the walls of Titus’s arc in Rome to this day.

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The tree of life – the Mexican Candelabra

­the Mexican candelabra is very different than its Jewish cousin. The Mexican candelabra is shaped like a tree and is very colorful. The Mexican tree of life is a hand made artifact that is meant to look like the traditional tree of life depicted in the book of Genesis in the Torah. most of the Mexican candelabras will include Adam and Eve with the devious snake, although, over the years the designs have modernized to depict different Mexican holidays such as the day of the dead or different Mexican folk art.

Diwali – the Hindu Candelabra

­­­the Diwali is a Hindu holiday that’s celebrated as a festival of lights’ and is one of the major festivals celebrated in Hindu culture. The festival usually last five days and is celebrated between mid-October and mid-November. the Diwali candelabra is different from its Mexican and Jewish cousins and is not a hand-held candelabra, but a floor candelabra with beautiful red and orange decorations.

Lumiere – the Beauty and the beast Candelabra

Yes, we do know that this isn’t a real candelabra. But it is a world-renowned icon for candelabrum. The adorable Disney character has won our hearts since the film’s debut and has thousands of fans around the world. In the movie Lumiere is depicted as a rebellious character that prior to the curse that was put on the members of the house, served as the beast’s maître d’ (=head waiter).

Lumiere is an antique gold candelabra with a deep rich gold color and beautiful decorations engraved to its base and handles.

Jewish Candelabra

Jewish CandelabraThe Jewish Candelabra is a work of art beauty. It has roots that date back to the Jewish temple in Jerusalem. This simple yet elegant piece illuminates home with warmth and romance.

The Jewish Candelabra, also known as a Menorah, is the symbol of the Jewish faith. It’s used to hold seven candles, one for each of the Jewish holidays. Three lit candles are considered a perfect number, with the number eight representing the mystical sefirah of Binah. The Hebrew word for Menorah is chanukiah or hanukkiah.

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Jewish Silver Candelabra

A Jewish candelabra is an elegant symbol of Jewish pride and a part of that most sacred of holidays, Shabbat. While other holiday traditions revolve around food, Shabbat is all about the beautiful, golden candelabras.

During the Renaissance, Jewish silver candelabra became very fashionable, especially in Florence, Rome, and Venice. The reason was simple: these Candelabra were of higher quality than Italian Candelabra and were more accessible to people working in the lower classes. Italian Candelabra were made of brass, while Jewish Candelabra were made of silver. This led to the story of Jews in Florence who sold their silver candelabra to Italians for 10 lire or 1/2 pound of silver.

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Silver Leichter’s

Leichter’s are small, decorative pins that are made out of sterling silver, and there are so many different styles and designs in them. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, including rhinestones, pearls, and semi-precious stones. The sterling silver candelabrum, Silver Leichter’s, is a centerpiece for the table, art, and home.

Silver Leichter’s candelabra is a classical design made of sterling silver. The candlesticks were manufactured in the 18-century, when, for the first time, silver was melted in mass quantities. In 1719, the German court goldsmith Georg von Spiegelberg invented a smelting method for silver that was independent of charcoal. Since then, silver has become accessible. Silver Leichter’s candelabra are charming accessories that are suitable to decorate any home.

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