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The Top 10 Sterling Silver Candlesticks 

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Includes Unique Designs You’ve Never Seen Before!

Sterling silver candlesticks are an affordable luxury that can transform your Shabbat dinner table and create a wonderfully intimate atmosphere. Candle lighting is already a major part of the Shabat ritual and a living connection to thousands of years of Jewish tradition and heritage. Gleaming silver candlesticks, with softly flickering beeswax candles look amazing at the center of your dining table!

Sterling silver candlesticks are one of the most popular and best-selling items of Judaica. They are a superb wedding gift or housewarming gift, and also an excellent corporate gift. Unlike many niche collectors’ items of traditional Judaica, silver candlesticks are also an excellent gift for secular Jews and non-Jews. There is a huge choice of styles from ornate traditional silver candlesticks, to ultra-modern designs that emphasize simplicity and elegance. 

Why do we Light Candles for Shabbat?

Our earliest ancestors inhabited a very different world. They lived in close proximity to a dangerous natural environment where wild beasts preyed on humans and their livestock. There was no electricity or gas and the absolute darkness of night was only eased by the light of the moon and the stars.

The average person believed implicitly in ghosts, demons and other monsters, and there were plenty of human threats. Night brought all kinds of danger – real and imagined – and the security of a walled home or defended tent had a vital importance that most modern people can’t imagine. It’s likely that ritual fire lighting, to ward off evil and create a sense of peace and security, is a truly ancient tradition. 

The Biblical account of Abraham and Sarah wandering the deserts and wildernesses of the Middle East gives a useful insight into that ancient world. Their family group pitched their tents at desert crossroads and offered hospitality to all passersby, while preaching the word of God. Sarah lit an oil lamp every Friday evening that burned miraculously all week. The miracle ceased when she died, but returned when her son Isaac’s wife Rebecca took over the matriarchal tent. 

The menorah (seven-branched candelabra) was a key ritual item in the desert Tabernacle and the Temples in Jerusalem contained pure gold menorahs. The Temple priests burned pots of consecrated olive oil as part of the daily Temple rituals and observances. We continue – and affirm –  these ancient traditions every time we light Shabbat Candles in our homes. Even if you have no religious beliefs, the symbolism of warding off the dark with Shabbat candle lighting fulfills a deep human need. 

Why do we make Shabbat Candlesticks from 925 Sterling Silver?

Most people instinctively prefer the idea of pure silver for jewelry and luxury items of home decor and tableware. In fact, pure silver is a very poor choice for any item that requires daily use or regular handling. Top silversmiths have used 925 sterling silver for centuries. The exact historical origin of sterling silver is unknown, but it’s likely that it was already in use at least 1,000 years ago. 

925 sterling silver is an alloy. It is 92.5% silver, and the remaining 7.5% was traditionally copper. Modern silver manufacturers add other elements to the alloy to reduce tarnishing and improve the quality and durability of the finished alloy. 925 sterling silver creates the perfect balance between luxury and robust practicality. 

Expert silversmiths can craft the 925 sterling silver bullion into beautiful designs. The finished items are far less likely to dent, and can take a high polish. When you buy 925 sterling silver candlesticks – and other items like trays and Kiddush cups – they are slower to tarnish and can quickly be polished to a gleaming shine. 


Top 10 Sterling Silver Candlesticks

You can buy a wide range of sterling silver candlesticks online at ICOJ. All the designs are handmade in Israel by expert silversmiths. Master jewelers from Jerusalem like Avi Nadav are continuing family silversmithing traditions that go back generations. Even the most modern minimalist designs, and the latest home decor items, are handcrafted with the same passion and eye for detail as the Judaica masterpieces from previous centuries. 

All handmade sterling silver candlesticks begin as a bar of 925 sterling silver bullion. The Israeli silversmiths use a combination of traditional techniques and modern methods to work the silver bullion into functional candlesticks. The finished candlesticks can be left undecorated (or with minimalist silver beading or lines) or richly decorated using a variety of techniques and materials. 


  • Yemenite style silver filigree work
  • Silver stamping combined with colorful enamel inlay
  • Ornamentation with precious stones and gems
  • Decoration with modern anodized aluminum
  • Handmade silver solder designs and motifs


Handmade sterling silver candlesticks can easily be personalized with your own choice of decorations. You can also commission custom pieces or sets directly from the Jerusalem workshop. 

Buy Candlesticks and Menorahs that fit Oil cups

Beeswax candles were traditionally rare and were expensive. Even the ancient Temples in Jerusalem burned olive oil in their ritual menorah. Most early Jewish households also used simple oil lamps, handmade from local materials like clay or stone. You can buy custom Shabbat candlesticks, menorahs, and hanukiahs that come with oil pots. The oil posts fit snugly in the top of the candlesticks or candelabra branches. You can safely burn olive oil, or even scented oils instead of candles. 


Colorful Candlesticks with Enameled Leaf Design

1. Jerusalem Silversmith Avi Nadav

Renowned Jerusalem silversmith and jeweler Avi Nadav has created a candelabra set that is fit for a royal table. The handmade 925 sterling silver set is built around a center stand and the candlesticks branch outwards like the spokes of a wheel. Each candlestick is decorated with flowing silver leaf and floral designs. The ornate decoration is inlaid with colored enamel, creating a beautiful contrast with the gleaming silver. The candlestick set is robust, stable, and fully functional. You can safely burn a total of 8 candles, creating a wonderful candlelit atmosphere. 


Tall Candlesticks for Shabbat

2. Israeli Designer Sharon Apelboim

Judaica lovers who know Sharon Apelboim’s work will recognize the distinctive simplicity and elegance of these tall Shabbat candlesticks. They will form the centerpiece of any Shabbat dinner table, or can be arranged along the length of a full sized banqueting table. The 925 sterling silver candlesticks use a perfectly proportioned traditional design with a tiered base. The narrow bands of decorative silver solder beading are crafted into exquisite flower designs. The overall effect is both functional and pleasing to the eye. These candlesticks will become a family treasure. 


Silver Candlesticks with Israeli Amethysts

3. Jerusalem Silversmith Avi Nadav

This exquisite Shabat silver candlestick set is a perfect example of traditional Judaica. It features two ornate 925 sterling silver candlesticks, studded with polished Israeli amethysts. The set comes with its own finely crafted silver tray with ornate filigree decoration. This jeweled silver and amethyst candlestick set is a wonderful Jewish wedding gift or housewarming gift. It is also ideal for anybody who loves traditional silverware, handcrafted in an antique style. It is also a superb corporate gift for a special client or business partner. 


Silver Filigree Menorah Candlesticks

4. Israeli designer Shoham Simchi

Israeli designer and silversmith Shoham Simchi have created a wonderful menorah concept candlestick set from 925 sterling silver. He’s displayed his enormous talent as a silversmith with an array of Yemenite-style silver filigree work. This is one of the most ornate and highly decorated items of Judaica that you will ever see and the quality of the craftsmanship is amazing. This silver menorah candlestick is a collectors item in its own right, but it was designed to light up the Shabbat dinner table. Like all our Judaica candlesticks, it’s safe, functional and robust. 


Leaf-shaped Sterling Silver Candlesticks

5. Jerusalem Silversmith Avi Nadav

Avi Nadav was inspired by the simple shape and proportions of ancient temple columns when he designed these stunning Shabbat candlesticks. The handmade silver candlesticks are shaped like miniature stone pillars and are decorated with amazing silver filigree work. The intricately wrought silver decoration is crafted into flowing branches and leaves – much like natural vines that grow up over old stonework. The silver candlesticks are polished to an immaculate finish and will take pride of place on any Shabbat table. 

Hammered Silver Candlesticks for Shabbat

6. Jerusalem Silversmith Avi Nadav

Hammered silver is a special finish that reflects the flickering candlelight, shining and glittering at the center of your Shabbat table. The well known Jerusalem jeweler and silversmith Avi Nadav is a master of hammered silver techniques and uses them to create a subtle effect. These beautiful 925 sterling silver candlesticks include a silver filigree ball at the center of the tapering, hourglass style columns. They are unusual and elegant items of traditional Judaica with a modern twist. The hammered silver candlesticks are perfectly proportioned and come with a handmade silver tray. 

Triangular Silver Filigree Candlesticks

7. Israeli designer Shoham Simchi

Shoham Simchi is famous for his silver filigree work, and these ornate triangular candlesticks are a perfect example of his talents. The silver filigree candlesticks are handmade in Israel from 925 sterling silver and each stand on a decorated tripod. The swirling floral filigree is executed in a traditional Yemenite style and covers almost the whole length of each candlestick. The cups that hold the candles are left undecorated to create a deliberate contrast with the filigree bodies. The sterling silver candle holders catch the light with a gleaming shine. 

Large Silver Candlestick and Tray Set

8. Jerusalem Silversmith Avi Nadav

These large handmade silver Shabbat candlesticks are versatile enough to match most styles of interior design and home decor. The design is a superb blend of modern and traditional styles that displays the immaculate 925 sterling silver to its very best advantage. Jerusalem master silversmith Avi Nadav has created bold, strikingly elegant silver candlesticks that are fit for a royal palace. He added just enough fine silver filigree and beading to add an extra touch of luxury. The handmade silver tray compliments the candlesticks perfectly. 

Custom Sized Sterling Silver Candlesticks

9. Israeli Designer Sharon Apelboim

Everybody has their own preferences when it comes to luxury silver tableware. If you decide to invest in a set of handmade silver Shabbat candlesticks, you want candlesticks that are the perfect size for your dinner table. If you want Shabbat candlesticks for a sideboard or mantlepiece, you may need a bigger than average design. Israeli Designer Sharon Apelboim has created a slim and elegant candlestick design that tapers up from a wide base. The candlesticks are subtly decorated with two bands of intricate silver filigree. When you buy these beautiful silver candlesticks online, you can choose the perfect size for your home. 

Sterling Silver Candlesticks with Royal Crown

10. Jerusalem Silversmith Avi Nadav

The Biblical land of Israel produced several famous – and some infamous – kings. One of Jerusalem’s top silversmiths, Avi Nadav has created a special silver candlestick set with a unique regal crown decoration. The two Shabat candlesticks are handmade from fine 925 sterling silver and come with a handmade silver tray. The set is beautifully proportioned and is designed for regular use. These silver candlesticks will look amazing at the center of your Shabat dinner table, or displayed as an ornament. A set of handmade Shabbat candlesticks from Jerusalem is a wonderful wedding or housewarming gift.

One reason why handmade silver Shabbat candles are so popular is that they are wonderful functional items. They can just as easily be used to add some soft lighting to any room, or as the centerpiece of a romantic candlelit dinner. Although they are a classic item of traditional Judaica, silver Shabbat candles are a great gift for people of any religion, culture or background – almost everybody appreciates fine silver tableware! 

You can buy handmade silver candlesticks online from our boutique collections, or contact us at any time to commission custom-designed candlestick sets. Options include 925 sterling silver, modern anodized aluminum, ceramics, and a range of other modern materials. 

To view all of our category of sterling silver candlesticks with a variety of unique designs Click Here


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Sterling silver candlesticks are decorative holders designed to hold candles. They are made from high-quality silver that has been polished to a shine, and are often used during religious ceremonies or special occasions.
terling silver candlesticks can vary in size, shape, and design, but they usually have a wide base to provide stability and a narrow top to hold the candle. Many candlesticks feature ornate designs or patterns, which can be hand-carved or etched into the silver. They can also be decorated with precious stones or other embellishments.
Yes, many sterling silver candlesticks can be personalized or customized to include the couple’s names, wedding date, or other special details. Examples of personalized candlesticks include engraved pieces, or candlesticks with custom-designed patterns or colors.

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Benny Abraham

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Round-Shaped Hammered Candlesticks with Multi-Colored Rings
Stunning Candlesticks with a Fashionable Hammered Finish
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Tiny Size Sterling Silver Hammered Candlesticks
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Silver Hammered Contemporary and Elegant Candlesticks
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