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Uncover the Meaning and History of the Star of David Necklace

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Jewelry has always been essential among the few things Jews celebrate several rituals with. These items carry their significance in the symbols engraved in them. 

Star of David Silver Pendant with Traditional Embellishments

The Star of David stands as the true symbol of Israel. Apart from the fact that it is the Israeli flag’s known emblem, essential items such as gravestones and pieces of jewelry like necklaces carry this inscription.

That’s why numerous Jewish stores today include these jewelry pieces in their collections and offer them in diverse styles, materials, and accessories.

Do you want to know more about the Star of David necklace? Are you interested in its history and symbolism?

Then join us as we take you on an educational journey through this article. Ready. Set. Go!


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What is the Star of David?

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The Star of David is a six-pointed star that Israel and Judaism share as their emblem. Two triangles are placed on top of one another to create a hexagram, which is the design of the symbol known in Hebrew as a Magen David (Shield of David).

Although the emblem conveys Jewishness in mainstream culture today, its connections to Judaism are more recent than you might imagine. Several historians attribute it to Jewish communities in the Middle Ages.

However, this is the first time anyone has established these assertions’ validity or general acceptance.  

The Star of David is made up of two equilateral triangles that have been arranged to overlap, creating six points that encircle a hexagon.

There are other ethereal star-shaped symbols than the Star of David. The number of points distinguishes a pentagram from a Star of David.

Pentagrams have five points, whereas the star of David has six. The Magen David, often written Magan or Mogen, and the Shield of David are alternate names for the Star of David.

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What is the history of the Star of David?

The Jewish neighborhood in Vienna was designated with a hexagram in the 1700s to set it apart from the city’s other neighborhoods. Around this period, the star was also included in the design of synagogues in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.

Stylish Yellow Gold 14K Star of David NecklaceJews did not just utilize the Star of David. It can still be seen in old decorations and architecture. The pentagram and the Star of David were occasionally discovered together, indicating they shared a common magical connotation. Alchemical literature contains the hexagram, or six-sided star, symbol.

The Star of David first appeared on Jewish artifacts in the Middle Ages, including the Leningrad Codex, a copy of the Hebrew Bible from 1108, and 13th-century coinage. The Eshkol ha-Kofer, a 12th-century book about the Ten Commandments, refers to this emblem too. The Star of David was a symbol utilized in Kabbalah for both construction and ornaments.

The Star of David became the official emblem of the Jewish community in Prague during the 1700s. By the 1900s, it was used by all Jews.

Modern Chai Gold Star of David pendant YellowFollowing the Dreyfus Affair in this century, the Zionist organization embraced the star at its 1897 Congress. The Star of David was put on their flag, and this occasion was held in Switzerland.

This increased the sign’s notoriety on a global scale. The Nazis’ use of the star to identify Jews for persecution in the 20th century made it even more symbolic of Judaism. During this time, Jews were made to wear the Star of David during the Holocaust so the Nazis could recognize them immediately.

The same star was also added to the flag of the fledgling state of Israel following the Holocaust. When Israel established itself as a nation in 1948, it flew the Zionist flag. Two more ancient emblems are sometimes associated with the Magen David.

One is the Solomonic Seal, a signet ring that belonged to the king. The ring possessed magical abilities, including demon subjugation. The second item is a magical shield with a Star of David design that King David wore while fighting.

What Does the Star of David Represent?

Now that you know what the Star of David is and its history, it’s natural to ask what it represents. Well, you don’t have to stray too far. Although many hypotheses have been put forth, they are generally agreed upon.

14K White Gold Double Star of David Necklace

The star’s six points signify the six male sefirot, also known as God’s characteristics. This is in conjunction with the seventh sefirah of the female, which is the shape’s center. All of these are based on the Zohar, a medieval classic of Jewish mysticism.

The Star of David has generally become synonymous with the Jewish people’s country and culture. Yet, the six-pointed star of David has a variety of symbolic meanings. Some of them include:

  • The two complementary triangles stand in for the bond between people and God. The triangle pointing down depicts the kindness and holiness God bestows upon humans, and the one pointing up symbolizes the good works people perform for God.


  • The triangle’s three sides, according to the Kabbalah book, The Zohar, symbolize the ties between God, Israel, and the Torah, also known as Jewish law.
  • Seven is a hallowed number in Judaism, and the Star of David is associated with this number. 
  • Because of how the Star of David is built geometrically, many use it to represent the menorah.
  • Modern Star of David Silver Charming NecklaceThe Star of David has seven internal chambers comprising six triangles and one hexagon. These divisions represent the seven virtues of kindness, harshness, harmony, perseverance, splendor, foundation, and majesty. 
  • According to some theories, the shape of the Star of David, which resembles a family crest, symbolizes David’s name.
  • The philosopher Franz Rosenzweig developed the Star of Redemption, inscribed on postcards amid World War I, as a more contemporary, existentialist reflection on the Star of David. He postulated that the sides of one triangle symbolize creation, revelation, and redemption, while the corners of the other triangle stand for Man, the World, and God. 


The fundamental significance of the Star of David is the same, despite variations in the finer symbolic meanings. Jews see the Star of David as representing their history, religion, spirituality, and national identity.


Uses of the Star of David

The Star of David has several applications. Some of these uses consist of the following:

  • Diamonds and 14k Gold Star of David Ring V shape designThe Star of David is now frequently used in Jewish jewelry designs. As a necklace, you can shield yourself from harmful thoughts and energies by wearing it. Many go with a gold star of David necklace or a star of David necklace with diamonds. There are several styles and preferences to choose from. 
  • It can also be seen on various Judaica items, such as Kiddush cups, mezuzahs, and kippot. It is also incorporated into Jewish wall hangings as a great approach to protect yourself from curses and curses cast by people.
  • When you hang one in your house or place of business, it will keep any evil spirits out. You can hang one above the entryway to prevent curses from being uttered while guests are inside your home, keeping them secure.
  • In some Jewish communities, it is engraved on coffins.


  • The Magen David Adom, or “crimson Star of David,” is the Red Cross equivalent in Israel.


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The Star of David in Jewelry 

14K Diamond Yellow gold Star of David

In jewelry, the Star of David represents security and safety. Unique energy within the six-pointed star can secure and protect you. 

Wearing it as a necklace could help you feel happier about your circumstances because it stands for righteousness and peace. The sun is another symbol of energy and wellness that is connected to it. This could help you feel more energized if you’re feeling under the weather. 

Hexagram-shaped jewelry is also a good luck charm and a source of wealth, mainly if it contains diamonds or other expensive stones. Some individuals think that adorning themselves with a star of David diamond necklace might draw prosperity and riches from onlookers to them.

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Ultimately, the Star of David is a symbol of deep cultural significance. It has been part of Jewish history for centuries, spanning from its fine use in ancient decorations to its place in religious iconography. It is an enduring signifier of faith and pride, used to express solidarity with the global Jewish community.

Its power is further commemorated in rings, necklaces, and other pieces of jewelry that commemorate Jewish beliefs and principles.

Beyond a tribute to the past, it is a timeless symbol that continues to bring strength and hope to countless people- both those who openly share their faith as well as those who conceal it- around the world.

For so many, the Star of David is more than just a star- it is a silent communication of faith, loyalty, and identity that no one can take away.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
The Star of David is most commonly associated with Jewish culture and tradition, but anyone can wear it as a symbol of their connection to Jewish values and history. Non-Jewish people who wear the Star of David may do so as a way to show their support for Jewish causes, or simply because they appreciate the beauty and symbolism of the symbol.
The Star of David necklace is a centuries-old Jewish protective symbol still in use today. According to some historians, King David himself fashioned this symbol to guard him against harmful spirits. The six-pointed star is a powerful symbol that protects you and your loved ones from the impacts of negative energy while fending off evil spirits. Moreover, it shields against malicious intent and malice, which is beneficial when interacting with challenging individuals.  It comes in several styles and forms, ranging from diamond Star of David necklaces and men’s Star of David necklaces to Star of David silver necklaces and women’s Star of David necklaces.
The Bible doesn’t contain the star of David. The Talmud, a collection of doctrines and commentary on the Torah that serves as the foundation for Jewish law, doesn’t also mention the star of David.

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