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What Are the Best Jewish Housewarming Gifts?

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housewarming gift for a Jewish family
housewarming gift for a Jewish family

Housewarming gifts are thoughtful, but they can be tricky to buy. Also, when people are purchasing them for someone of a different faith, this might make it a bit challenging, but it is not impossible. There are many presents that you could buy for someone in a Jewish household.

When buying a housewarming gift for a Jewish family, you should consider some of the following questions before purchasing anything.

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What Is a Jewish House Called?

There is no name for a Jewish home. However, a Synagogue will come up when someone types in ‘Jewish House’ into Google. The Synagogue is the Jewish house of worship. This is where Jews will go to pray, complete Sunday school, and undertake certain Jewish celebrations.

What Does It Mean to Have a Jewish Home?

What Does It Mean to Have a Jewish Home?
What Does It Mean to Have a Jewish Home?

There are a few different things that can make a home Jewish. Many interior designers say Jewish homes are inviting and warm, so family and friends feel comfortable inside. Also, you might see a round dining table. Jews want their friends and family to converse while eating a meal, and this is promoted with a round table because it symbolizes camaraderie.

Additionally, you will find a lot of Jewish symbols and art throughout the home. You may discover Shabbat candlesticks, ketubot and Jewish art. These pieces are important symbols and reminders of the Jewish heritage and faith. You will also find Mezuzah Cases with a parchment inside on every doorpost.

Most importantly, Jews create a Jewish home by bringing in their values. This is done by being charitable and inviting people in to learn more about their rituals and customs. All of this combined shows people that this is a Jewish home.

What Makes a Jewish House Jewish?

What Makes a Jewish House Jewish?
What Makes a Jewish House Jewish?

A Jewish household is created by the family that lives in it. That is because Jewish people are very proud of their culture and act in a way that celebrates their beliefs. The Jewish community believes that their faith is portable, which is also why it can affect their home life and their daily interactions.

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What Is in a Mezuzah?

If you go to a Jewish household, you may see an antique scroll fixated to the top right of the doorframe. In this parchment is the Mezuzah. The Mezuzah has an important message written inside. You will find two passages from the Deuteronomy that are written in Hebrew.

This is placed on the door so that you are reminded of two things every time you pass it:

What Is in a Mezuzah?
What Is in a Mezuzah?
  1. You have a covenant with God.
  2. This dwelling is a Jewish household.

Typically, when a Jew passes by a door with a Mezuzah, they touch it with their fingers and then kiss their fingers. This is because the Mezuzah is there to protect the home and its inhabitants when hung. When a Jew touches it with their fingers and kisses them afterward, they show their love for God and the commandments.

Mezuzah covers nowadays come in various styles and designs. One of our most beloved Mezuzah cases is this Colorful Mezuzah Case

What Are Some Traditional Jewish Housewarming Gifts?

You can bring many things to a Jewish house as a gift. Traditional Jewish housewarming gifts are a great way to show that you care for their culture and traditions, even if you’re not Jewish. Also, many gifts have meanings that you should be aware of if you purchase one.

Below are nine different Jewish presents you can give.

1. Bread, Salt, and Wine

Challah Board
Challah Board

Bread in the Jewish community is an important symbol that is highly respected and recognized. It is a sign of life and sustenance, which is always a great message when giving a traditional Jewish housewarming gift. Also, bread means that you hope the family never experiences hunger.

When it comes to salt, you hope the family will have a flavorful life. The wine does not have a set meaning, but it is always good when someone wants to wash down the bread they are eating. Many Jews will appreciate this gift wholeheartedly.

You can also get a stylish Challah Board for the bread or a Salt and Pepper Shakers Set

2. Sugar/Honey

Rosh Hashanah Honey Dish
Rosh Hashanah Honey Dish

If you want to give another gift with a strong meaning, sugar or honey is the way to go. Jews believe that these condiments symbolize hope and blessing for a sweet life. When it comes to handing out a Jewish new home gift, you will be happy with this option.

You can also go for a Rosh Hashanah Honey Dish, which is a perfect gift that will be useful in the holiday season.

3 .Houseplant

Bringing nature into a house is always well-received. It will also symbolize growth and new life in the home, which is what you want to bring when visiting a Jewish house. They will appreciate that you have brought them a houseplant that will brighten their day and make them think of you every time they see it.

4. Birkat Habayit

Birkat Habayit
Birkat Habayit

Every Jewish home should have a Birkat Habayit. This is the Blessing of the Home,’ and it can be found in every Jewish house. It is a meaningful Judaica Jewish housewarming gift that they will appreciate. This scripture wishes the owner a happy, healthy, and successful life in their new home.

5. Mezuzah Case

A Mezuzah can be found outside the front door of every Jewish person’s house, which makes it an ideal traditional Jewish housewarming gift. However, some Jews will have one in front of every entry inside their house, except for the bathroom, closet, laundry room, and boiler room. That means there are many different places for a Mezuzah Cover, so you can easily purchase one to give someone.

6. Food

If you want to be traditional, bringing some food is the best way to do it. Traditional Jewish food is the perfect present for anyone who wants to bring something. It can be ruggelach, hot cholent or a cake. Overall, they will appreciate that you brought them some food to have in their new home.

7. Shabbat Candlesticks

Sterling Silver Candlesticks
Sterling Silver Candlesticks

18 minutes before sunset every Friday is when two Shabbat candles should be lit. This is a tradition called Shabbat. Since this happens every Friday, candles are a great gift to give Jews. Also, many of the candlestick holders are beautiful, which are perfect silver Jewish housewarming gifts.

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8. Menorah Set

Hanukkah Menorahs
Hanukkah Menorahs

Another good traditional Jewish housewarming gift is a menorah set. Jews will need this for Hanukkah. This makes it a great present for people to buy since it will be required and appreciated every year. You can find a variety of different menorah sets online.

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9. Hamsa

modern gold Hamsa pendant
modern gold Hamsa pendant

The last traditional Jewish housewarming gift you can give someone is the Hamsa symbol. It is one of the essential symbols in Jewish culture, and you can find one that you can hang on the wall. Every house will appreciate this present because it is supposed to represent good luck, success, and fortune. You can also opt for a modern Hamsa pendant.

Any recipient of this Jewish housewarming gift will be happy and appreciative.


When buying gifts, everyone can get a little worried and doubtful about if it’s the right one. However, if you purchase a gift for someone in the Jewish community, you might be more inclined to find something that speaks to their culture and traditions. There are many different gifts out there that you can choose from, but this post provided you with nine great options.

Also, all of these are perfect Jewish housewarming gifts. They all symbolize that you want this house to be happy, successful, and full of life. Any recipient of one of these gifts will appreciate the lengths you have gone to ensure that you have picked the perfect gift for them.

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