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Jewish Holidays and Events

Celebrate Jewish Holidays with Handmade Judaica

Luxury items for every event in the Jewish calendar

Celebrate the Jewish Holidays in style with our fine art Judaica products. We offer a luxurious range of 925 sterling silver and anodized aluminum tableware for every Jewish holiday. Serve this year’s Passover dinner on gleaming silver seder plates, or charm Rosh Hashanah guests with a hand made honey dish. Our Hanukkiahs and dreidels, silver menorahs, Purim mishloach manot baskets, etrog citron boxes for Sukkot, and other Jewish holiday items will quickly become prized family treasures and future heirlooms!

Buy Judaica for the Jewish Holidays

Choose from classic traditional designs that would be instantly recognizable to Moses and King David, or bold modern interpretations of Jewish symbolism. Jewish holidays like Passover, Rosh Hashanah, Shavuot and Sukkot have an origin in agriculture and nature. We reflect Israel’s connection to nature in our Judaica products, frequently enriching our designs with colorful pomegranate, flower and tree motifs.

The Israeli Center of Judaica is redefining traditional hand crafted Judaica to meet the needs of modern families. Our household and religious items are first and foremost works of art, but they are designed to be robust enough for daily use and are easy to clean and polish.

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Jewish Holidays and Events


Jewish holidays and Jewish events are happy times that occur throughout the year – and throughout our lifetimes. We celebrate most Jewish holidays with a big family dinner and Jewish events like Bar Mitzvahs and Jewish weddings with parties. It’s customary to mark major life events with gifts, and to acknowledge holiday hospitality or a Seder invitation with a suitable gift. 


What are Popular Jewish Holiday Gifts?


Rosh Hashanah Gifts and Sukkot Gifts are the most popular purchases for the Jewish holidays, although Passover (Pesach) and Hanukkah aren’t far behind. You can easily find an item of handmade Judaica to mark pretty much every high holy day and holiday on the Jewish calendar – even Yom Kippur!


Rosh Hashanah Gifts


Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year. Most people celebrate the holiday with a big meal. Rosh HaShanah arrives at the end of summer or the start of autumn and is something of a harvest festival. Good food is a big part of the holiday and traditional Rosh Hashanah Gifts are often food themed. A favorite Rosh Hashanah Judaica Gift is a handmade honey pot, crafted from either 925 sterling silver or anodized aluminum. Some of the finest honey pots are shaped like apples. 


Kiddush cups and Kiddush sets with matching trays are also ideal Rosh Hashanah Gifts. If your host already owns a Kiddush cup, consider a wine holder, handmade silver wine cups, or even a luxurious wine fountain. Wine is an integral part of any Jewish holiday dinner or Shabbat meal, but it is especially welcome at the New Year and compliments the traditional Rosh Hashanah dishes. 


Sukkot Gifts


Sukkot is one of our favorite Jewish holidays and it often falls around Rosh HaShanah. The best known of all Sukkot Gifts has to be the traditional Sukkot etrog box. These special boxes are used to store the delicate etrog citron fruits that are part of the Sukkot rituals. A handmade silver etrog box from Jerusalem is a wonderful Sukkot gift. If you prefer modern styles, you can buy anodized aluminum etrog boxes that are made to the same high standards as their sterling silver counterparts. 


One of our most interesting and unusual Sukkot gifts is the Silver Sela Coin Sculpture by Israeli artist Shalom Sefer. The sculpture is based on an ancient Jewish coin and is decorated with an etrog on one side and a lulav (palm frond) on the other side. Written on the coin sculpture are the words “To the Freedom of Jerusalem”. 


What are the Most Popular Gifts for Jewish Events?


We should probably start by asking what are the most popular Jewish Events, before we consider the gifts! 


  • Bar Mitzvah & Bat Mitzvah
  • Jewish Wedding
  • House Warming


Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah Gifts


A Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah is a major milestone in your life – and a very special day if you’re the proud parent or grandparent. Most kids simply want money as gifts, but personalized jewelry from Jerusalem is still one of the most popular of all Bat Mitzvah Gifts. 


5 Recommended Bat Mitzvah Gifts


  1. Art Your Name jewelry
  2. Eshet Chayil necklace
  3. Hamsa pendant
  4. Chai jewelry
  5. Any Judaica silverware

(To set aside for the years to come)


5 Recommended Bar Mitzvah Gifts


  1. Handmade Star of David Necklace
  2. A silver Torah pointer
  3. A tallit and silver tallit clips
  4. A havdalah set
  5. Any Judaica silverware

(To set aside for the years to come)


Your choice of Bar Mitzvah Gifts will depend on how important religion and tradition are in your family. Observant families and people who want to create a strong cultural connection to Judaism can choose special Bar Mitzvah (and Bat Mitzvah) Gifts from our whole range of religious and ritual Judaica. 


Jewish Housewarming Gifts


Moving to a new home can be a stressful time and people often appreciate a helping hand. Offering a Jewish housewarming gift is a warm gesture that adds a homely touch to the new house or apartment. 


Recommended Jewish Housewarming Gifts


  1. A handmade mezuzah
  2. Modern Israeli art
  3. A hamsa ornament
  4. Jewish home blessings
  5. Biblical wall art


You can find truly beautiful modern and traditional Jewish housewarming gifts at ICOJ. If you’re just looking for a small present there are some amazing handmade ornaments and Judaica art and craft that won’t break your budget. 


Jewish Wedding Gifts


We could write an entire book on how to buy the best Jewish Wedding Gifts, but the top 5 Jewish Wedding Gifts haven’t changed much over the centuries. The old favorites are still bestsellers in 2022. People like to help newlyweds set up home together with a complete set of Shabbat silverware (or anodized aluminum tableware) ready for their first Shabbat dinner as a married couple, and for the years to come when they will have their own family around the table.  


Recommended Jewish Wedding Gifts


  1. Silver Shabbat candles and candle lighter
  2. A personalized hardwood challah board
  3. Kiddush cup set
  4. Silver trays
  5. A wine fountain


Jewish wedding gifts can also include modern home decor and original Israeli oil paintings or watercolors. Jewish wall hangings are a popular choice or even a set of handmade dreidels and a hanukkiah for the day when there are little ones to enjoy them. 


Yom Kippur Gifts


Most people don’t think about buying gifts for Yom Kippur. It’s always perceived as a solemn holy day and a time for fasting and atonement, not for celebration and gift giving. In fact, if you want to wish someone a Hatima Tovah, or a meaningful Yom Kippur, a tasteful gift is entirely appropriate. 


Recommended Yom Kippur Gifts


  • Handmade silver Torah pointer
  • Tallit and tallit clips
  • Personalized Jewish cufflinks 


If you want to personalize any Judaica gifts for Jewish holidays and events, our English speaking jewelers will be happy to help you create the perfect gift for every occasion!




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