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Elijah Cups

Every year when Passover comes, there’s an essential guest who comes to visit our seder table. Elijah Cup is named after the important biblical prophet, who is believed to arrive one day and herald the coming of the messiah!

Our extraordinary collection features contemporary Elijah cups, designed with modern fashion in mind, as well as traditional Eliyahu cups for a classic look. All made with high quality 925 sterling silver.

While it’s an exclusive showpiece for the holiday season, the cup of Elijah is an excellent addition to your home for the rest of the year, adding a touch of tradition and beauty to your home décor.

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    • Blessing Sterling Silver Kiddush Cup

      $765 $1,075-15%
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    • Custom Engraving Sterling Silver Kiddush Cup

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    • Custom Extra Large Modern Wine Cup

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    • Elegant Hammered Kiddush Cup Filigree Design

      $587 $880-15%
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    • Elegant Personalized 925 Sterling Silver Wine Cup

      $503 $757-15%
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    • Extra Large 925 Sterling Silver Kiddush Cופ

      $3,372 $4,584-15%
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    • Sterling Silver Hammered Goblet with Blessing

      $537 $830-15%
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    • Unique Filigree Kiddush Set with Stem

      $842 $2,253-15%
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    • Unique Large Kiddush Cup Yemenite Filigree

      $842 $1,319-15%
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