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Jewish Art and Decor

Buy Israeli Art and Photography

Decorate your home or office with an original painting, art print , or photograph by an Israeli artist. The Israeli Center of Judaica is working closely with some of Israel’s most talented creative artists. We’re showcasing several collections of contemporary Israeli art, including religious and spiritual themes, stunning Israeli landscapes and nature scenes, modern art and historical images.

Whether you’re buying out of a passion for art, to support Israeli artists, or as a possible investment, we’ve got something that will match your tastes.
Buy Fine Art and Original Paintings from Israel’s Top Artists
The Israeli art scene is as diverse, exciting and original as Israel itself. The Israeli Center of Judaica has teamed up with over twenty of Israel’s most talented and passionate artists to offer a range of original paintings, prints, photos and sculptures. We are proud to offer a full selection of black and white and color photographs, oil paintings, watercolors, and a variety of other traditional and contemporary styles.

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Everything You Need to Know about Jewish Home Decor


When you think of Judaica, you’re probably not thinking of Jewish home decor or Jewish art, but they are some of the best-selling categories of modern Judaica. We’ll take a closer look at some of the amazing Judaica home decor products and the most popular styles for 2023. 


What is Jewish Home Decor?


Jewish home decor is simply ordinary home decor that’s influenced by Jewish culture and traditional Jewish themes. Home decor is a convenient term for all the aesthetic touches that create a unique personal style in your home. It includes furniture, rugs, carpets, artwork and ornaments, tableware and even your choice of lighting. 


Jewish or Judaica home decor tends to focus on the ‘softer’ aspects of home decor. There isn’t really distinctive Judaica furniture, but you can decorate your home with beautiful Jewish art and ornaments. Judaica art also includes handmade silverware and modern designer tableware. 


Jewish tableware can be as basic as silver Shabbat candlesticks and silver trays, or you can buy a complete collection of Kiddush sets, wine fountains and wine holders, Pesach plates, challah boards and Rosh HaShanah honey pots. A full set of Shabbat and Jewish holiday tableware is a wonderful wedding gift for any newly married couple. 


The dining room and the dining table become the center of the family home on Shabbat and Jewish holidays. A beautifully laid Shabbat table, overlooked by some framed Jewish art prints – or even original paintings – is already the epitome of tasteful Jewish home decor. If traditional silverware and oil paintings don’t appeal, try matte black designer anodized aluminum tableware and abstract art by modern Israeli painters. 


What is Judaica Art?

Judaica art is a massive field that covers hundreds of different products and styles. If we’re talking in terms of Judaica home decor, it’s a bit simpler, but there’s still a stunning range of artwork and art styles. The modern Israeli art scene is full of energy and passion. Israeli artists are drawing on thousands of years of Jewish heritage and culture to create beautiful works of art. 


Jewish Painting 

Modern Judaica art is being redefined by talented painters like Gitty Fuchs, Menuka Yankelovitch, Avi Ohayon, Daniella Sitbon, and Jean Pierre Weill. Their paintings are highly sought after by Judaica art collectors around the world. If you want to create a distinctive Jewish home decor style, an abstract oil painting of hasidic mysticism, or an evocative Jerusalem cityscape will transform any room. 


Gitty Fuchs

Gitty Fuchs emigrated to Israel as a child and was quickly fascinated by the wealth of living Jewish heritage and tradition that she encountered on a daily basis. Gitty is renowned for her abstract painting, with intimate explorations of Jewish mysticism and holy sites. Her work is on sale in galleries around the world. 

Menuka Yankelovitch

Jerusalem painter Menuka Yankelovitch is surrounded by inspirational material. His love of Jerusalem is expressed in his atmospheric cityscapes and landscapes, many of which simultaneously explore natural and mystical themes. A painting by Yehuda Yankelovich brings a part of Jerusalem into your home. 

Avi Ohayon

Avi Ohyaon is another Jerusalem artist with a profound love of his native city, and the holy city of Safed. His traditional oil paintings are painted on Israeli olive wood and soft Jerusalem stone, and are unique collectors items. Avi’s painting is highly evocative and captures the subtle beauty at the heart of Jewish culture and heritage.

Daniella Sitbon

Daniella Sitbon is a highly creative modern artist who loves to explore abstract and bohemian art. Her work is characterized by a bold use of color and a leaning towards minimalism. If you’re looking for distinctive and thought provoking artwork,with Jewish themes, Daniella Sitbon’s striking and visually expressive paintings will add a lot of style to any wall. 

Jean Pierre Weill

Jean Pierre Weill is a talented and imaginative painter who is almost an artistic polymath. He paints on layers of glass plates to create stunning 3D art and has the confidence to successfully explore pretty much every style of painting. Jean Pierre is equally at home painting colorful comic book images, children’s art and 3D landscapes of ancient biblical sites. 


Hebrew Home Decor

We often get asked about Hebrew home decor. What people usually mean by Hebrew home decor is art and ornamentation with Hebrew letters, or biblical texts or blessings in Hebrew script. Hebrew lettering is very popular across the entire range of Jewish home decor. You’ll see Hebrew writing on everything from handmade Seder plates to Jewish paintings and Jewish Jewelry. 


Hebrew home decor is a great way to give your kids or your grandkids an early start with the Hebrew alphabet. If you want to buy Hebrew home decor, try our Jewish Home Blessings collection. There are some beautiful handmade hamsas and ceramic and wood ornaments with both Hebrew and English texts. 


If you’re opening a business, or you want to buy a gift for the entrepreneur in your life, check out our Jewish business blessings. Each birkat esek is written in Hebrew and will add a touch of color to any office or boardroom. 


Jewish home decor and Judaica art is light years ahead of the popular image of old fashioned judaica. Fine art prints and original paintings by talented Israeli artists are increasingly valued by interior designers and decorators who want to create a distinctive Jewish style in modern homes and apartments. 


You can buy top quality Jewish home decor online in the ICOJ web store, or contact us to request personalized Judaica art. You can also talk to us at any time if you want to commission unique art items for your home or office!




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