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Jerusalem Old City Rooftops Print Painting
Essential Guide: All You Need To Know About Jerusalem

Jerusalem is a city like no other. It is a place where history and spirituality converge, creating a sense of awe and wonder that is palpable from the moment you arrive. This ancient city has been the center of Jewish life and tradition for thousands of years, and its streets and landmarks are filled with

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Outstanding Hassidic Dance Painting Print
Jewish History Journey – Exploring the Past & Present

Did you know it wasn’t until about 500 BCE that Jewish people began referring to themselves as “Jewish”? The Hebrew Bible and the Torah are the two texts that Jewish hold in the highest regard. The phrase “the sons or daughters of Israel,” B’nai Yisroel or not Yisroel, is most frequently used in these two

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Purplish Painting Print of Old City of Jerusalem
Exploring the Rich History & Culture of Jewish Art

Over several decades, Jewish art has been how Jews celebrate several ceremonies. They use them in rituals because of their unique significance. Judaica is one category of Jewish art. They are ceremonial items that range from Torah pointers and Jewish candelabras to tallit and candlesticks. Some also consider Jewish folk art as another form of

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Learn the History and Meaning Behind the “Chai” jewelry

It is impossible to overstate how important jewelry is to Jews and their spiritual lives. Many have also demonstrated them to be essential to communicating symbolism over time. You must have also encountered Jewish symbols on necklaces and other jewelry. Chai is a common one.  The Hebrew word for life is Chai. The term is

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Learn the Meaning and History of Torah Pointers!

Torah pointers According to Judaism, the Torah is a sacred book that should not be touched by hand. There are various reasons behind this.  The Torah is believed to be the word of God, which should be handled with care and respect by not touching it. Another reason is to preserve the text, as frequent

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star of david necklace
Uncover the Meaning and History of the Star of David Necklace

  Jewelry has always been essential among the few things Jews celebrate several rituals with. These items carry their significance in the symbols engraved in them.  The Star of David stands as the true symbol of Israel. Apart from the fact that it is the Israeli flag’s known emblem, essential items such as gravestones and

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jerusalem jewelry Guide
The Ultimate Guide for Shopping a Unique Jerusalem Jewelry

Jerusalem jewelry, also called messianic jewelry, has been used by the Jews since ancient times. However, recently, the use of these jewelry pieces has grown to be loved by many in and outside Jerusalem. At first, Jerusalem jewelry was made solely for adornment, but it is now converted and reflects religious symbols used in Jewish

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Jewish Jewelry Guide
The Complete Guide to Shopping for Beautiful Jewish Jewelry

Jewish Jewelry dates back to the old testament when people believed that manna fell from heaven, and so did Jewelry. This claim was backed up when the Israelites eventually put the Jewelry into the flame to build an idol.  Jewish Jewelry makers craft an imprint of the craftsman, and the purpose is embodied in the

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Silver Judaica – Everything you need to know

Jews celebrate many Jewish rituals using symbolic pieces like jewelry, paintings, and other items. Silver Judaica is one of the few objects they use. The beautiful silver Judaica is produced and sold by numerous physical and virtual establishments, and customers purchase it for various purposes. Are you curious about silver Judaica’s significance, history, and importance?

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israel history
Everything You Need to Know About Israel Nation History

Israel is a fascinating and multifaceted country that captures the imaginations of many. Not only does it have an incredible history spanning thousands of years, but its sites also hold legendary sacred significance to Christians and Muslims alike – from Jerusalem’s iconic Western Wall (or Wailing Wall) in Judaism to Islam’s Al-Aqsa mosque. Whether you’re

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Jewish people in Israel 1
Everything you need to know about Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is a bustling and vibrant city in Israel located on the Mediterranean coast. It is the second-largest city in Israel, after Jerusalem, and has a rich history and cultural heritage.  In this article by Israeli Center Of Judaica, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Tel Aviv, from its location and history

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Jewish people in Israel
Everything You Need to know about The Jewish people in Israel

Israel is home to a diverse and vibrant Jewish population. Jews have lived in Israel for thousands of years, and the country has become a center of Jewish culture, religion, and tradition. From the ancient cities of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Haifa to modern-day kibbutzim (collective farms), Israel offers something unique for every kind of

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