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Sukkot Gifts

Buy Sukkot and Etrog Box Judaica

Celebrate Sukkot with a holiday gift set of a hand crafted silver Etrog Box from our Jerusalem workshop, Our handmade range of boutique Sukkot silverware and tableware includes a range of traditional and modern designs. Buy an old fashioned silver filigree Citron Box, Lulav Case, or some stunning modern decorations for your Sukkah for your Sukkot dinner table.

Sukkot is a special holiday with some unique traditions. Even if you don’t uphold the ancient Etrog ritual, an handmade 925 sterling silver Etrog Box is a wonderful addition to any Judaica collection. Our handmade Etrog Citron Boxes are true works of art that will last a lifetime. Whether you’re storing them in a display case, or bringing them to the Sukkot table, they will attract attention and admiration.

Buy Personalized Sukkot Judaica and Home Decor

The Israeli Center of Judaica welcomes requests to customize it’s fine art Judaica products. Our Jerusalem craftsman and silversmiths will be delighted to add your name, a dedication, or personal motif to any Sukkot item or Etrog Box on sale in our boutique collections. We are also happy to discuss personal commissions and unique orders. Our designers and craftsmen will work with you to transform your concept and vision into a fine art masterpiece.

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