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Torah Pointers

Buy a Handmade Torah Pointer

Whether you’re a dedicated Torah scholar, or a collector of Judaica, you’ll love our beautiful handmade Torah pointers. All Israeli Center of Judaica Torah pointers are crafted by expert silversmiths in our Jerusalem workshop. Designs range from intricate Yemenite filigree work to elegant and understated silver pointers. Each Torah Pointer ends in a perfectly shaped Yad with an extended index finger.

Buy a Torah Pointer as a Special Gift

A handmade silver Torah Pointer is a wonderful Bar Mitzvah gift or birthday present. It’s also a perfect small gift for any observant man, and a great way to thank someone or show him your personal appreciation. Torah study can be a developing interest, a hobby, or a central pillar of someone’s life. A Torah Pointer made in Jerusalem will quickly become a prized personal possession. It’s both a connection to the spiritual center of Judaism and between the giver and the recipient of the gift.

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