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Mezuzah Cases

Buy Mezuzah Cases for Jewish Homes

Decorate your home with a protective Mezuzah

When you buy a handmade Mezuzah from our Israeli workshop, your home will have a beautiful protective ornament crafted in the heart of Jerusalem. The Israeli Center of Judaica range of Mezuzahs follows centuries old Yemenite Jewish silverworking traditions, with designs featuring ornate silver filigree craftsmanship. We also offer bold and colorful modern designs, and some fun Mezuzot for children’s rooms.

Buy a Beautiful Modern Mezuzah

Modern handmade Mezuzot celebrate Jewish cultural themes. Our craftsmen love to express the richness of Jewish heritage. They have created beautiful Mezuzahs inlaid with Hamsas, the Hebrew letter Shin ש, Menorahs and Torah Scrolls. Natural motifs include pomegranates,grape vines, dove trees, and birds. Your children or grandkids will love our colorful Alphabet Mezuzah or animal designs.

A Mezuzah is a traditional feature of Jewish family homes. There’s an ancient traditional belief that a Mezuzah affixed to a doorpost guards the home against misfortune. If you want to buy a small gift for someone who is moving to a new home, or starting a new life together, an Israeli Center of Judaica Mezuzah is a wonderful choice.

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