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Tefillin and Tefillin Boxes

Buy Handmade Tefillin from Jerusalem

Shop our exclusive range of fine Israeli made Tefillin and Tefillin Boxes. Our classic black leather Tefillin are ideal for daily prayer and are robust enough to last a lifetime. The style is modest, dignified and understated, but the high quality design and craftsmanship is clear to see. We also offer special decorated Tefillin with golden Hebrew lettering. Tefillin are a deeply personal item and we have something to suit every man.

Buy a Traditional Tefillin Box

Keep your Tefillin in a handmade sterling silver Tefillin Box. Our boutique range, created by our Jerusalem silversmiths, features intricate silver filigree work and Jewish symbolism. The online collection also includes simple and elegant Tefillin Boxes with highly polished 925 sterling silver.

Buy Tefillin from Jerusalem as a Gift

Even if you’re not observant, every Jewish man should own a set of Tefillin. They are intrinsic to Jewish culture and ritual. Israeli Center of Judaica Tefillin are a wonderful Bar Mitzvah or birthday gift for any Jewish man. When you buy Tefillin online from our Jerusalem store, you’ll receive a genuine item of fine Judaica.

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