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Shabbat Gifts

Buy Shabbat Tableware and Silverware from Jerusalem

Whether you’re sitting down to a family Shabbat dinner, or ushering in the new week with a Havdalah ceremony, our boutique range of Shabbat Judaica contains everything you’ll need. Choose from a set of 925 sterling silver Shabbat Candlesticks, beautiful Challah Boards and Challah Knives,  traditional silver Kiddush Cups, or a range of exciting modern Shabbat tableware designs.

When you buy handcrafted Shabbat tableware from Jerusalem, you’re establishing a connection with the spiritual heart of Judaism. Jerusalem is also a thriving modern city with a vibrant arts scene. Our modern Shabbat tableware designs include brightly colored anodized aluminum dishes and table sets, as well as modern ceramics and enameled items.

Buy Shabbat Judaica Gifts for Friends and Family

Shabbat is first and foremost a time for family. A lovingly and meticulously crafted item of fine art Judaica is a wonderful gift for any family. A gift of Shabbat Candlesticks, a silver Kiddush Cup set, or a Silver Wine Fountain is a great way to show your love and appreciation. ICOJ’s Shabbat Judaica range isn’t just a collection of boutique ornaments. Every item is robust, functional and safe for all the family.

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  • “Atzei Chayim” With Enamel & Amethyst Stones

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  • 925 Sterling Silver Chai Tallit Clips

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  • 925 Sterling Silver Hammered Kiddush Set

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  • 925 Sterling Silver Lion of Judah Tallit Clips

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  • 925 Sterling silver Tallit Clips