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Personalized Jewish Gifts

Personalize Your New Judaica Purchase

The Israel Center of Judaica is happy to personalize your item when you buy fine Judaica from our online store. Most silver and anodized aluminum Items can be engraved with an inscription in Hebrew or English (and other languages on request). Popular inscriptions include blessings, dedications, a Bride and Groom’s name on wedding gifts, or family motifs.

The silversmiths in our Jerusalem workshop can easily add your choice of words to silver Kiddush Cups, Candlesticks, Tallit Clips, Torah Pointers and other personal items of Judaica.In addition to custom engraving, we can add English and Hebrew lettering with brightly colored enameled inlay. This is a wonderful way to personalize any gift of Judaica for a child or new baby e.g. ‘Yeled Tov’ or ‘Yaldah Tovah’ cups.

Request a personalized item of Judaica or commission a unique private design.

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Personalized Jewish Gifts


An item of handmade Judaica from Jerusalem is a wonderful gift to celebrate any significant life event. The advantage of buying genuine Israeli made Judaica is that the artisans and silversmiths can personalize your gift and create a truly individual item. 


Personalized Jewish gifts have a special sentimental value, especially when you’re buying items like personalized hanukkah menorahs or kiddush cups that will eventually become family heirlooms. We’ll take a look at all the different options for creating personalized judaica gifts and even for commissioning your own unique Judaica designs. 


Options for Personalized Judaica Gifts


Your options for personalizing Judaica gifts depend on three things:


  1. The size of the actual item and the amount of existing decoration.
  2. The main material e.g. 925 sterling silver, anodized aluminum, ceramic or polymer clay etc. 
  3. The skill of the silversmith or designer and the sophistication of the workshop tools. 


If you buy a sterling silver Kiddush cup by Nissim Badosa, you’ll have an amazing opportunity to create a personalized kiddush cup. When Nissim designs cups and plates, he emphasizes the fine qualities of the sterling silver and uses minimalistic silver beading as decoration. There’s plenty of unadorned silver surface area to add your engraving, blessing or personal design motif. 


If you want to buy personalized Jewish jewelry, the small size of rings, earrings and bracelets means that personalization is usually limited to first names, initials, dates or short verses etc. Fortunately a skilled jeweler can still be extremely creative when it comes to adding engravings and colored enamel inlay to personalized Jewish jewelry. 


925 sterling silver is possibly the easiest material for jewelers to personalize (at least when you’re dealing with a finished product). Modern materials like anodized aluminum, ceramics, polymer clay and hard wood challah boards can also be personalized, it just requires a different skill set and some creativity. Our designers love having the opportunity to show off their skills!


Buy Personalized Jewish Wedding Gifts


Personalized Jewish wedding gifts are one of our bestselling categories of Judaica. A Jewish wedding gift is one of the most beautiful presents that you will ever buy. A wedding present is a personal gift that celebrates a happy event and a milestone in life, and helps the newlyweds to set up their home and begin a new life together. 


If you choose to buy a Judaica wedding gift, there’s a huge range of traditional and modern Judaica wedding gifts, including Shabbat silverware and designer tableware, modern Israeli and Jewish artwork and home decor and also Jewish jewelry. Personalized Jewish wedding gifts add a special touch, and create a lasting memory of the happy day. 


Popular Jewish Wedding Gifts

The most popular Jewish wedding gifts are still traditional items like Shabbat silverware with personalized kiddush cups and challah boards, silver Shabbat candlesticks and candle lighters, trays, and wine fountains. Religious and ritual items like personalized Hanukkah menorahs, etrog boxes, megillas, and havdalah sets are wonderful gifts for any couple setting up a new home. 


Celebrate Other Events with Personalized Gifts


There are some unique milestone events in Jewish culture, as well as all the other important moments that all cultures share. The very first – and most amazing – event to commemorate is the birth of a child. If you’re celebrating a Brit Milah, a personalized Yeled Tov cup with the baby’s name set in colored enamel inlay is a warm welcome for the newest member of the family. If the baby is a girl, a personalized Yaldah Tovah cup is a great gift. 


  • Brit Milah & New Baby
  • Bar Mitzvah & Bat Mitzvah
  • Birthdays – especially 18th and 21st birthdays
  • Graduation gifts
  • Wedding Presents
  • Baby Shower Gifts
  • Anniversary Gifts 
  • Leaving and Retirement presents
  • Gifts to the Synagogue or the Community


Our online Judaica collection includes designer tableware and modern home decor, as well as traditional handmade silver Judaica. Personalized Jewish jewelry is ideal for anniversary gifts, birthdays and graduations, and Star of David and Eshet Chayil necklaces are top selling Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah gifts. 


It’s not always easy to find the perfect gift, especially if you want to surprise someone. If you’re buying a deeply personal item like fashion jewelry, it can be even harder to  make the right choice. An ICOJ Gift Card is a convenient way to show someone how much you care. When someone buys Judiaca online with a gift card, we’ll be delighted to personalize any item for them. 


How to Personalize Judaica Gifts


The simplest and easiest way to create personalized Jewish gifts is through engraving. You can specify a name, dedication, blessing, Torah verse, or any other words or motif, and the silversmith will engrave them into your Judaica gift. This is the traditional way to personalize any silver or metal item and our Jerusalem silversmiths can engrave in a choice of English, Hebrew and other scripts. 


There are many other stylish ways to adapt Judaica and create personalized Jewish gifts. The only real limit is your own imagination – and we’ll be happy to help out with practical suggestions and creative hints. If you’re looking for an extra touch of luxury, our jewelers can personalize your gift with diamonds, amethysts, emeralds and lapis from the Israel Diamond exchange!


  • Precision silver stamping
  • Colored enamel inlay
  • Silver beading and filigree work
  • Silver solder designs and motifs
  • Precious stones and gems 
  • Gold or other metal plating, rims and inlays


If you want to buy personalized kiddush cups, personalized hanukkah menorahs, or personalized name jewelry, we recommend that you browse our site. There are hundreds of examples of handmade Judaica that can be personalized, or you can contact us directly and talk to one of our English-speaking designers. We’ll help you to find the perfect item to match your design requirements. 





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