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Blue & Gold Splitting of the Red Sea Painting

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Buy this item and get 20-210 Points - Worth of $20-$210 
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This stunning Blue and Gold Splitting of the Red Sea Painting is a captivating piece of Modern Exodus Art Crossing the Red Sea Painting that provides an elegant commemorative Passover gift. Featuring a magnificent rendering of God’s saving hand that enabled the Israelites’ crossing of the fabled Kriyat Yam Suf, this awe-inspiring painting stands as an incredible testament to the courage and faithfulness of our ancestors.

The powerful gold hues soar up toward heaven, resplendently radiating against a calming blue sky. Let this immersive piece enlighten your environment and transform your walls into sacred temple walls. This timeless masterpiece will not only leave its viewers in amazement but also fill them with pride for their Jewish heritage.
** The Painting Comes Rolled**

Details of the Original Painting:
-Height: 32″ (80 cm) -Width: 39″ (100 cm)

Details of the Printed Paintings:

-Small: 21″”x26″” – 54×67 cm

-Medium: 32″”x39″” – 80×100 cm

-Large: 35″”x43″” – 88×110 cm

-XL: 38″”x47″” – 96×120 cm

**You can order the mixed painting – printed copy with my hand touches of acrylic color.

Israeli Center Of Judaica Art

Stunning abstract art with historical, spiritual, and natural themes. Experience the mesmerizing allure of abstract Jewish paintings, crafted by the most talented Israeli artists. These captivating works of art have taken the United States, Canada, and the world by storm, finding their place in prestigious private and corporate collections. From Israel to the USA, Canada to Brazil, and Australia, these sought-after masterpieces have captured the hearts of art enthusiasts everywhere. Immerse yourself in the enchanting realm of the Israeli Center of Judaica, where the exquisite paintings of this gifted artist await. Delve into spellbinding portrayals of the City of Jerusalem, as well as thought-provoking interpretations of Jewish history and culture. Prepare to be captivated by the haunting beauty of mystical and spiritual scenes that evoke a sense of wonder and awe. Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of art that transcends boundaries and speaks to the depths of the human spirit. Explore the realm of abstract Jewish paintings and embark on a journey of artistic brilliance today.
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Blue & Gold Splitting of the Red Sea Painting (Copy)
Blue & Gold Splitting of the Red Sea Painting



Blue & Gold Splitting of the Red Sea Painting

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